Help create the Slow Ways National Parks Trail - July 2023 update

By Slow Ways National Parks Trail Project

Total distance 3,873.3km/2,406.8mi. 253 routes.
Estimated walking time 774 hours 54 minutes.

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69% of routes reviewed

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32% of routes verified

2,331km of 3,873km reviewed

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63,804km of 131,611km reviewed

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Naifor three 18.8km/11.7mi
Drystr one 16.2km/10.1mi
Forgra one 37.8km/23.5mi
Netgra one 9.2km/5.7mi
Nettom one 21.9km/13.6mi
Tomloc one 18.3km/11.4mi
Braloc one 19.4km/12.1mi
Tarbra one 32.3km/20.1mi
Tarpit one 27.7km/17.2mi
Abepit one 15.5km/9.6mi
Kenabe two 13.3km/8.3mi
Kilken two 30.5km/18.9mi
Killoc one 12.0km/7.5mi
Loccal one 21.3km/13.2mi
Abecal one 15.0km/9.3mi
Rowabe one 21.3km/13.2mi
Rowdry one 19.1km/11.9mi
Milstr two 8.7km/5.4mi
Beamil one 4.5km/2.8mi
Beakel one 4.3km/2.7mi
Kelgla one 6.6km/4.1mi
Glarut three 6.9km/4.3mi
Rutcam two 7.9km/4.9mi
Camudd two 8.1km/5.0mi
Uddham two 9.3km/5.8mi
Hamlar one 12.6km/7.8mi
Larros one 7.6km/4.7mi
Roslan one 14.1km/8.8mi
Lanbig one 26.3km/16.3mi
Bigpee two 30.5km/18.9mi
Peeinn one 10.8km/6.7mi
Inngal one 23.6km/14.7mi
Galmel one 7.1km/4.4mi
Melstb one 10.3km/6.4mi
Saikel one 22.2km/13.8mi
Kelwoo one 35.6km/22.1mi
Ottwoo two 52.5km/32.6mi
Brahal one 21.7km/13.5mi
Carbra one 18.7km/11.6mi
Hescar one 24.1km/15.0mi
Keshes two 22.1km/13.7mi
Kescha one 30.2km/18.8mi
Chaamb two 8.4km/5.3mi
Ambwin two 9.2km/5.7mi
Halfal one 28.0km/17.4mi
Falott two 23.0km/14.3mi
Bowwin two 2.8km/1.7mi
Bowcro one 11.0km/6.8mi
Croken two 10.3km/6.4mi
Kensed one 20.5km/12.7mi
Sedgar one 11.3km/7.0mi
Garrib three 16.3km/10.1mi
Ribhor one 10.8km/6.7mi
Horset one 11.4km/7.1mi
Setmal two 9.3km/5.8mi
Malgra one 13.7km/8.5mi
Grapat one 20.7km/12.9mi
Patmas one 23.6km/14.7mi
Masbed one 12.0km/7.5mi
Bednor one 16.1km/10.0mi
Norcho one 25.8km/16.0mi
Chodan one 26.2km/16.3mi
Danwhi one 29.0km/18.0mi
Whirob one 11.4km/7.1mi
Robclo three 16.9km/10.5mi
Locclo one 22.8km/14.1mi
Picloc one 9.7km/6.0mi
Norpic one 8.4km/5.2mi
Hovnor one 12.4km/7.7mi
Eashov one 20.7km/12.9mi
Boreas one 21.0km/13.0mi
Knabor three 16.6km/10.3mi
Harkna five 6.4km/4.0mi
Sunhar two 12.5km/7.8mi
Ilksun two 14.8km/9.2mi
Keiilk one 9.9km/6.2mi
Hawkei one 7.7km/4.8mi
Hebhaw one 15.1km/9.4mi
Hebcra one 5.5km/3.4mi
Crarip one 7.6km/4.7mi
Ripmar one 10.8km/6.7mi
Marmel two 8.3km/5.2mi
Glomel one 23.9km/14.8mi
Glohay one 8.6km/5.4mi
Hayeda one 11.0km/6.8mi
Edahat one 15.2km/9.4mi
Bakhat one 16.4km/10.2mi
Lonbak two 18.1km/11.3mi
Leelon one 17.9km/11.1mi
Bidlee three 13.2km/8.2mi
Kidbid two 8.6km/5.4mi
Alskid two 4.9km/3.0mi
Creals one 10.6km/6.6mi
Nancre one 7.0km/4.3mi
Whinan one 18.8km/11.7mi
Ellwhi two 21.3km/13.2mi
Chiell one 14.3km/8.9mi
Llachi one 13.0km/8.1mi
Rutlla one 26.5km/16.5mi
Denrut one 15.2km/9.4mi
Gwyden one 25.3km/15.7mi
Llagwy one 10.5km/6.5mi
Betlla one 24.7km/15.3mi
Llabet three 14.5km/9.0mi
Llabed two 17.4km/10.8mi
Harbar one 22.4km/13.9mi
Bardol one 15.4km/9.6mi
Dolmac one 24.3km/15.1mi
Abemac one 32.9km/20.4mi
Abeabe one 28.5km/17.7mi
Newabe one 10.3km/6.4mi
Carnew one 40.0km/24.9mi
Newcar two 21.3km/13.2mi
Fisnew one 15.9km/9.9mi
Goofis one 2.9km/1.8mi
Stdgoo one 33.9km/21.1mi
Stdnew one 12.1km/7.5mi
Newgmil one 20.7km/12.9mi
Porhar three 18.6km/11.6mi
Porbed one 13.7km/8.5mi
Worink one 19.2km/11.9mi
Inkalc one 8.9km/5.5mi
Alcstr one 15.6km/9.7mi
Strwar one 16.8km/10.4mi
Warroy three 5.0km/3.1mi
Roysto one 11.2km/7.0mi
Storug one 24.7km/15.3mi
Rugsta one 13.6km/8.5mi
Stanmar one 21.5km/13.4mi
Milney one 10.5km/6.5mi
Neypem one 4.5km/2.8mi
Pempem one 3.7km/2.3mi
Pemten two 18.4km/11.4mi
Tenlau one 29.7km/18.5mi
Stclau one 8.7km/5.4mi
Stccar two 22.9km/14.2mi
Carmllan one 27.5km/17.1mi
Llangwy one 12.6km/7.8mi
Gwynlla one 7.0km/4.3mi
Llayst one 24.9km/15.5mi
Ystnan one 11.8km/7.3mi
Nanabe two 19.3km/12.0mi
Abecri one 17.2km/10.7mi
Cricabe one 13.5km/8.4mi
Aberag one 22.8km/14.2mi
Ragmon one 13.2km/8.2mi
Monros one 25.0km/15.5mi
Rosled one 23.9km/14.9mi
Ledmal one 12.8km/8.0mi
Malwor two 16.9km/10.5mi
Markcor one 20.2km/12.6mi
Coroun one 19.8km/12.3mi
Ounpet one 24.8km/15.4mi
Petwhi two 10.1km/6.3mi
Whiwis one 25.2km/15.7mi
Wiskin one 26.5km/16.5mi
Kingri one 12.7km/7.9mi
Grifak one 26.1km/16.2mi
Fakree one 23.7km/14.7mi
Reeayl one 11.0km/6.8mi
Aylhov one 15.2km/9.5mi
Hovacl one 16.8km/10.4mi
Aclcai one 16.7km/10.4mi
Caigre one 6.1km/3.8mi
Lodgre one 24.2km/15.0mi
Bunlod two 12.0km/7.5mi
Harbun one 17.9km/11.1mi
Eyehar one 19.3km/12.0mi
Stoeye two 23.7km/14.7mi
Bilsto two 14.6km/9.1mi
Actbil one 14.9km/9.3mi
Sudact one 6.5km/4.0mi
Halsud one 16.8km/10.4mi
Braihal one 13.0km/8.1mi
Greabra one 2.7km/1.7mi
Chegre one 19.3km/12.0mi
Chiche three 24.0km/14.9mi
Eppchi one 12.3km/7.6mi
Louepp three 9.4km/5.9mi
Waltlou two 11.5km/7.2mi
Walstr one 8.9km/5.5mi
Betstr one 5.0km/3.1mi
Livbet one 2.9km/1.8mi
Monliv one 1.1km/0.7mi
Lonmon two