The Trafalgar Way

By Kathy Brown

Total distance 581.4km/361.3mi. 46 routes.
Estimated walking time 116 hours 56 minutes.

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Route Distance Download (.gpx)
Sixsal one 24.1km/15.0mi
Okecha one 17.7km/11.0mi
Chamor one 7.4km/4.6mi
Morexe one 22.7km/14.1mi
Penfal one 3.3km/2.1mi
Pentru one 18.2km/11.3mi
Truind one 24.6km/15.3mi
Stcind one 6.0km/3.7mi
Stclan one 17.3km/10.7mi
Lanbod one 5.9km/3.7mi
Bodbol one 26.6km/16.5mi
Bollau one 23.7km/14.7mi
Laulyd one 21.9km/13.6mi
Exeott one 27.8km/17.3mi
Otthon one 11.7km/7.3mi
Honaxm one 18.3km/11.4mi
Axmbri one 21.4km/13.3mi
Briabb one 16.6km/10.3mi
Abbdor one 16.1km/10.0mi
Dormil one 16.9km/10.5mi
Milbla one 18.9km/11.7mi
Blasix one 18.2km/11.3mi
Salame one 14.3km/8.9mi
Ameand one 27.0km/16.8mi
Andwhi one 14.2km/8.8mi
Whiove one 6.7km/4.2mi
Ovebas one 14.6km/9.1mi
Bashoo one 11.5km/7.1mi
Hoohar one 7.2km/4.5mi
Haryat one 9.1km/5.7mi
Yatsan one 2.3km/1.4mi
Sancam one 5.6km/3.5mi
Camlig one 7.3km/4.5mi
Ligvir one 15.2km/9.4mi
Viregh one 4.0km/2.5mi
Eghsta one 3.8km/2.4mi
Staiash one 3.4km/2.1mi
Ashhou one 10.5km/6.5mi
Houric one 5.9km/3.7mi
Ricchi one 7.1km/4.4mi
Chiham one 2.5km/1.6mi
Hamken one 2.4km/1.5mi
Kenkni one 2.8km/1.7mi
Knivic one 1.7km/1.1mi
Viccha one 2.1km/1.3mi
Lydoke one 14.9km/9.2mi