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Slow Ways linking Amesbury and Andover, Bratton, Bulford Camp, King’s Somborne, Market Lavington, Salisbury, Upavon, Warminster, Wilton

England / Wiltshire / Amesbury

Amesbury’s nine Slow Ways are 33% checked

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reviewed: 2/9
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Slow Way Route To do
Ameand one Pioneer me Distance 27km/17mi Ascent 245m Descent 233m
Amesbury—Bulford Camp
Amebul one

Review me Distance 5km/3mi Ascent 93m Descent 62m
Amesbury—King’s Somborne
Amekin one Pioneer me Distance 32km/20mi Ascent 351m Descent 387m
Braame one Pioneer me Distance 37km/23mi Ascent 488m Descent 521m
Market Lavington—Amesbury
Marame one Pioneer me Distance 24km/15mi Ascent 303m Descent 324m
Salame one Survey me Distance 14km/9mi Ascent 241m Descent 219m
Upaame one Pioneer me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 230m Descent 206m
Warame one Pioneer me Distance 34km/21mi Ascent 350m Descent 401m
Wilame one Pioneer me Distance 15km/9mi Ascent 272m Descent 256m

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33% of Amesbury’s nine route options are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









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20km out of 206km have been walked and reviewed

53km of reviews have been shared in Amesbury

Latest Updates

For this review of Salame One I followed the route in reverse, from Amesbury to the Salisbury meeting point. The route begins following a picturesque, intimate footpath under tree cover crossing several footbridges over the River Avon and its tributaries. Leaving Durnford behind is the aptly-named road Jubilee Hill which has a moderate upward gradient, featuring the optional detour onto an interesting raised earthwork footpath. Crossing the road at Phillips Lane, the route rounds Old Sarum then joins the fairly steep and rough Portway footpath descending to bring you level with Salisbury at the paved semi-residential Stratford Road. Cross the road and continue until you reach Salisbury’s traffic-free full-tarmac trail to your left. From here follow the signs toward City Centre onto the meeting point.. 2) Halfway up Jubilee Hill road the Slow Ways route suggests you leave the road and pass through a couple of pedestrian gates and walk along the footpath parallel around 200m to then rejoin the road. Though not essential, it offers a nice change of pace so I would recommended it if suitable....


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Please do not walk or review this route. It is about to be removed as part of a network review. It will be replaced with Amesbury - Bulford....

Slow Ways Cristie

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A short walk along a no through road and a left onto the footpath before the end takes you on a bridge across the A303 towards Ratfyn (photo 2). Then follow the track north (views across the Plain - photo4) and downhill (photo 5) until it turns to the left at 178433....


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Amesburypeter surveyed Amesbury

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Of note, the Slow Ways Route indicates to use an unmarked road just north of Great Durnford but this is now a "Gated" Private Estate (Photographs attached that show either end of this section), so the road out of the village is to be used....


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One slight issue is that on Netton Hill, the route shows as following the right of way as defined on the OS map. In practice, you would need to follow the paths on the ground since the RoW is blocked by fairly dense rape seed (April 2021)...

Phil W

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Slow Ways added Ameand one, a new walk from Amesbury to Andover

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Amesbury—Bulford Camp

Slow Ways added Amebul one, a new walk from Amesbury to Bulford Camp

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Amesbury—King’s Somborne

Slow Ways added Amekin one, a new walk from Amesbury to King’s Somborne

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Slow Ways added Braame one, a new walk from Bratton to Amesbury

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Market Lavington—Amesbury

Slow Ways added Marame one, a new walk from Market Lavington to Amesbury

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Slow Ways added Salame one, a new walk from Salisbury to Amesbury

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Slow Ways added Upaame one, a new walk from Upavon to Amesbury

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Slow Ways added Warame one, a new walk from Warminster to Amesbury

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Slow Ways added Wilame one, a new walk from Wilton to Amesbury

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Amesbury, Wed 27 September



Amesbury’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

51.17181° / -1.78043°

Easting / Northing

415,446E / 141,420N

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more?

If you’ve polished off all of the routes between Amesbury and its neighbours, how about walking its whole web?

This includes the great ring of routes that join its neighbours to each other!


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