Slow Ways linking Upavon and Amesbury, Bulford Camp, Collingbourne Ducis, Devizes, Market Lavington, Marlborough, Tidworth

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Slow Way Route To do
Devupa one Verify me Distance 20km/12mi Ascent 268m Descent 304m
Market Lavington—Upavon
Marupa one Verify me Distance 14km/9mi Ascent 199m Descent 195m
Upaame one Pioneer me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 230m Descent 206m
Upavon—Bulford Camp
Upabul one Pioneer me Distance 17km/10mi Ascent 214m Descent 220m
Upavon—Collingbourne Ducis
Upacol one

Double check Distance 15km/10mi Ascent 187m Descent 221m
Upamar one Review me Distance 21km/13mi Ascent 347m Descent 308m
Upatid one Pioneer me Distance 16km/10mi Ascent 194m Descent 210m

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Generally speaking the route was clear and easy to navigate, with lovely views across Pewsey Valley. - Firstly on the approach to Trenchard Lines military base the route should take you to the north of the base via a small grassy footpath, but it is easy to miss this and stay on the obvious gravel track (which isn’t actually on the OS map and takes you down to the A342);...


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Mostly accessible tarmac, rolling gradients, some steep hills...


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The route out of Devizes follows pavement along St Johns St, Long St, and the A342 to Wick Lane, which whilst scenic is busy with vehicles.There is a quieter route to Wick Lane which is the Devmar one and two routes. The section down to Drew's Pond, and up onto Potterne Field are very pretty,and the views on Potterne Field are fantastic ( assuming you do it in good weather ! )....


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Following the section of tarmac road ( White St ) up to the White Horse Trail, which follows alongside the Westdown Artillery Range for the next 7 miles. There is another quiet tarmac road down to the A342, then pavement into Upavon....


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It loses one star as the start, as published, involves walking on a narrow A-road, winding through the village with no footpath for 200yds....

Ian Macqueen

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walkpod247 surveyed Upavon

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Slow Ways added Devupa one, a new walk from Devizes to Upavon

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Market Lavington—Upavon

Slow Ways added Marupa one, a new walk from Market Lavington to Upavon

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Slow Ways added Upaame one, a new walk from Upavon to Amesbury

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Upavon—Bulford Camp

Slow Ways added Upabul one, a new walk from Upavon to Bulford Camp

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Upavon—Collingbourne Ducis

Slow Ways added Upacol one, a new walk from Upavon to Collingbourne Ducis

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Slow Ways added Upamar one, a new walk from Upavon to Marlborough

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Slow Ways added Upatid one, a new walk from Upavon to Tidworth

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Upavon, Sat 28 January


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51.29450° / -1.80808°

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413,478E / 155,059N


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