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Slow Ways linking Piddletrenthide and Dorchester, Hazelbury Bryan, Maiden Newton, Milborne St Andrew, Yetminster

England / Dorset / Piddletrenthide

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Slow Way Route To do
Dorpid one Verify me Distance 12km/7mi Ascent 153m Descent 185m
Maiden Newton—Piddletrenthide
Maipid one Pioneer me Distance 15km/9mi Ascent 419m Descent 416m
Piddletrenthide—Hazelbury Bryan
Pidhaz one Verify me Distance 11km/7mi Ascent 203m Descent 198m
Piddletrenthide—Milborne St Andrew
Pidmil one

Double check Distance 12km/7mi Ascent 238m Descent 267m
Yetpid one Verify me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 364m Descent 415m

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Latest Updates

At Charing Cross Farm the map on Slow Ways suggests you walk to the west of the farm buildings then turn east.My OS map says to go through the farmyard and a little round footpath sign sent me this very way - a good chance to see the cattle indoors. After the second stile keep the hedge on your right for a time then cross and keep it on your left. After the large house on the left, Church Farm, you could take a side trip to Hilfield Church 200 metres away. You then follow a gravel road a short distance and take the left hand of 2 metal gates. A much nicer walk into the village - and no further distance - is to turn first left off Duck St, pass the village hall and turn right to walk along the River Cerne, emerging at Abbey House, built with materials from the enormous Abbey after 1537. There is a steep walk up Piddle Lane, with a few passing cars, but the turn to the left onto the field is well signed. Piddletrenthide Church, is a short detour from the point where the slow way turns right you now head due south keeping the road and river at the valley bottom to the left....

Hugh C

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A most enjoyable, quiet country side walk, like into the old days....


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The downside is that the main part of the route is on the tar road, which is narrow and due to the hedges, only rarely one has a view of Dorset's beauty....


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Off-road the stretch from Plush-Piddletrentide is beautiful, elsewhere where it shares the same paths as Hardy's Way there are often gates along with stiles though the route is not that accessible....


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Slowgrey surveyed Piddletrenthide

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Downside is that depending on the season and the crops, paths can be narrow, moved or lost; see picture....


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I live near this route and have walked all the paths over many years. This one is not a very good route. See below...


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Many of the paths are narrow, following field edges, mostly arable but some inquisitive cattle and horses encountered. A section of the route climbing the ridge between Three Cornered Coppice and the ridge above Muston Manor is unmarked across an arable field, so best to follow field edges....


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Slow Ways added Dorpid one, a new walk from Dorchester to Piddletrenthide

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Maiden Newton—Piddletrenthide

Slow Ways added Maipid one, a new walk from Maiden Newton to Piddletrenthide

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Piddletrenthide—Hazelbury Bryan

Slow Ways added Pidhaz one, a new walk from Piddletrenthide to Hazelbury Bryan

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Piddletrenthide—Milborne St Andrew

Slow Ways added Pidmil one, a new walk from Piddletrenthide to Milborne St Andrew

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Slow Ways added Yetpid one, a new walk from Yetminster to Piddletrenthide

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Piddletrenthide, Wed 24 April



Piddletrenthide’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

50.79775° / -2.42104°

Easting / Northing

370,423E / 99,884N

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more?

If you’ve polished off all of the routes between Piddletrenthide and its neighbours, how about walking its whole web?

This includes the great ring of routes that join its neighbours to each other!


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