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Slow Ways linking Impington and Cambourne, Cambridge, Waterbeach, Willingham

Great Britain / Cambridgeshire / Impington

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Slow Way Route To do
Camimp one Pioneer me Distance 16km/10mi Ascent 51m Descent 107m
Impcam one Survey me Distance 5km/3mi Ascent 26m Descent 21m
Impcam two Survey me Distance 6km/4mi Ascent 23m Descent 18m
Impwat one Verify me Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 9m Descent 17m
Wilimp one

Double check Distance 11km/7mi Ascent 27m Descent 20m

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29km out of 45km have been walked and reviewed

56km of reviews have been shared in Impington

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but Impcam Two is far more varied, free of traffic and enjoyable....


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but this is a good urban Slow Way route that's got long sections that are traffic free and there are plenty of Cambridge delights to enjoy too....


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The path from Mere Way to Impington is on a fast road, but the pavement is segregated so should be ok except for the occasional bike which often decide to use the pavement to avoid the road. Very little in the way of facilities between Waterbeach and Impington, but at 5 miles that shouldn't be too big of an issue....


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There is a section on the road between willingham and rampton that is un paved and the road is 60 miles an hour and fairly busy. Far better to go via the busway and then cut across to rampton....


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Note that currently there are extensive roadworks on Histon Road in Cambridge, which may restrict the accessibility of the route in the short term for those wheeling....


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Leaving Cambridge there is a relatively steep haul up Castle Hill on the north bank of the Cam, after that the route is fairly level. The route then follows Histon Road where major roadworks should be complete by summer 2021....

Alex Reeve

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This route is slightly longer compared to Impcam 1, however it follows a more pleasant route, including a stretch of footpath/cyclepath along the guided busway, and quiet residential streets and green spaces through Cambridge. It is paved for the whole length and accessible, with no steps (bridge across the River Cam includes a ramp section)....


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The route is entirely pavement, some of it a shared pedestrian cyclist route running alongside the guided busway that links Cambridge with St Ives. The extra distance compared to Impcam One may not be worth it; the main difference is that you get to experience a bit more of Cambridge’s 60s/70s suburbia and see a little bit of countryside from the guided busway. The rest of the way follows the route of the guided busway that connects Cambridge with St Ives along the line of an old railway....

Alex Reeve

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An easy attractive route, mostly on pavement with a few stretches of single track lane. Clay Close Lane is an attractive single track road, some miniature ponies were happily grazing a paddock at the east end during my walk in Spring 2021. A pavement then runs alongside Milton Road until you turn onto an unpaved track that is a remnant of the Akeman Street Roman Road that would have taken legionaries north to defend the Saxon Shore at Brancaster....

Alex Reeve

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katyt surveyed Impington

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Slow Ways added Camimp one, a new walk from Cambourne to Impington

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Slow Ways added Impcam one, a new walk from Impington to Cambridge

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Slow Ways added Impcam two, a new walk from Impington to Cambridge

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Slow Ways added Impwat one, a new walk from Impington to Waterbeach

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Slow Ways added Wilimp one, a new walk from Willingham to Impington

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Lat / Lon

52.24220° / 0.11057°

Easting / Northing

544,200E / 262,543N


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