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St Mawes


Slow Ways linking St Mawes and Falmouth, Mevagissey, Probus, Truro

Great Britain / Cornwall / St Mawes

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Slow Way Route To do
Falmouth—St Mawes
Falstm one Verify me Distance 5km/3mi Ascent 10m Descent 7m
St Mawes—Mevagissey
Stmmev one Pioneer me Distance 32km/20mi Ascent 1,091m Descent 1,101m
St Mawes—Probus
Stmpro one Pioneer me Distance 24km/15mi Ascent 492m Descent 562m
St Mawes—Probus
Stmpro two Pioneer me Distance 25km/16mi Ascent 471m Descent 544m
Truro—St Mawes
Trustm one

Review me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 444m Descent 442m
Truro—St Mawes
Trustm two Survey me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent - Descent -

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42km out of 123km have been walked and reviewed

121km of reviews have been shared in St Mawes

Latest Updates

This is a great walk - we walked today from St Mawes to Truro....


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One of my favourite ferry rides!...


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As has also been mentioned there is some road walking on the Roseland side of the King Harry Ferry, plus I found there were two points between St Mawes and St Just in Roseland where it was useful to have the GPS info to check direction....

Paul Haines

Walk this route

The recommendation for this walk, which is probably my favourite slow-way so far, is caveated that about a quarter of it is on roads without pavements. They are, however, relatively quiet, particularly on the approach and exit from the ferry. It's also a lot of up and down, which I enjoyed a lot, but not everyone's cup of tea....


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Truro—St Mawes

Slow Ways Darren added Trustm two, a new walk from Truro to St Mawes

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A 4 / 5 star route apart from the road walking section so I have marked it down....

Slow Ways Darren

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The roads following the King Harry Ferry can get busy, so care is needed, but quite often the cars come in groups as they leave from the ferry....

Paul Haines

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An improvement to avoid B3289 west of King Harry would be to walk the wide footpath along the south bank of Lamouth Creek....


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However access is limited by stairs (4-30 dependant on the tide) at both ports and on the ferry itself Phone ahead to discuss help with access...


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Falmouth—St Mawes

Slow Ways added Falstm one, a new walk from Falmouth to St Mawes

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St Mawes—Mevagissey

Slow Ways added Stmmev one, a new walk from St Mawes to Mevagissey

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St Mawes—Probus

Slow Ways added Stmpro one, a new walk from St Mawes to Probus

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St Mawes—Probus

Slow Ways added Stmpro two, a new walk from St Mawes to Probus

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Truro—St Mawes

Slow Ways added Trustm one, a new walk from Truro to St Mawes

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St Mawes, Mon 5 June


Clear night

St Mawes’s Slow Ways starting point

Grid ref


Lat / Lon

50.16000° / -5.01428°

Easting / Northing

184,804E / 33,235N


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