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Slow Ways linking Scarborough and Cloughton, Ebberston, Filey, Lockton, Sherburn

Progress towards triple-checked route options for Scarborough’s five Slow Ways: 45%

Drawn: 5/5
reviewed: 3/5
verified: 1/5
and surveyed: 0/5

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Many Slow Ways have several route options. Some will be better than others, or good for different reasons.

Our goal is for each Slow Way to have at least one route that is verified and surveyed. To be verified – and get its snail badge – a route needs at least three positive reviews.

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Slow Way Route To do
Closca one Pioneer me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 204m Descent 186m
Closca two Review me Distance 9km/6mi Ascent - Descent -
Ebbsca one Pioneer me Distance 23km/14mi Ascent 429m Descent 432m
Ebbsca two Review me Distance 22km/14mi Ascent 347m Descent 348m
Locsca one Pioneer me Distance 26km/16mi Ascent 300m Descent 417m
Scafil one Survey me Distance 17km/10mi Ascent 661m Descent 651m
Shesca one Pioneer me Distance 24km/15mi Ascent 325m Descent 315m

Collective progress

39% of Scarborough’s routes are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









5 people have contributed to Scarborough’s Slow Ways

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48km out of 131km have been walked and reviewed

81km of reviews have been shared in Scarborough

Latest Updates

The only potentially difficult crossing is at the top of Stepney Hill, opposite the Jacob's Mount caravan park. In addition there are two flights of concrete steps, the first down through the wood after skirting the Jacob's Mount caravan park and the second through Falsgrave Park. In addition there is a high water marker which is itself strikingly high up, and just below the allotments and before the path leading to the reservoir and Falsgrave Park, a blue plaque marks a house used as a wireless station during WWII, working closely with Bletchley Park....

Heather Woolley

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Stearsb added Closca two, a new walk from Cloughton to Scarborough

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It's an old railway track so it doesn't have any really steep parts but it isn't flat and it is rough in places. It's popular with walkers, dog walker and cyclists but its a good track and I had no problems....


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This route is essentially the section of the well established Cleveland Way long distance footpath between Scarborough and Filey....


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Passes through Cayton bay if you need a rest or snack....


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in Filey - to access the cliffs via Filey Country Park (head toward St Oswald's Church via Church St and footbridge over Church Ravine then follow the wooded paths round top of ravine to meet the Cleveland Way at the top of its ascent to Filey Country Park.)2 Approaching Scarborough, the Cleveland Way descends right to the shore, then one has to climb steeply from beneath Spa Bridge to rail stn. From Holbeck car park go up a little on sea cliff rd and take in pleasant quiet streets and architecture of Ramshill / South Cliff to slowly descend to the Valley Bridge and rail station.....


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Pat Reynolds surveyed Scarborough

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Slow Ways added Closca one, a new walk from Cloughton to Scarborough

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Slow Ways added Ebbsca one, a new walk from Ebberston to Scarborough

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Slow Ways added Ebbsca two, a new walk from Ebberston to Scarborough

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Slow Ways added Locsca one, a new walk from Lockton to Scarborough

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Slow Ways added Scafil one, a new walk from Scarborough to Filey

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Slow Ways added Shesca one, a new walk from Sherburn to Scarborough

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