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Slow Ways linking March and Chatteris, Downham Market, Ely, Littleport, Whittlesey, Wisbech

England / Cambridgeshire / March

March’s six Slow Ways are 38% checked

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reviewed: 3/6
verified: 0/6
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Slow Way Route To do
Chamar one

Double check Distance 15km/9mi Ascent 38m Descent 34m
March—Downham Market
Mardow one Pioneer me Distance 26km/16mi Ascent 87m Descent 84m
Marely one

Double check Distance 33km/21mi Ascent 130m Descent 112m
Marlit one Pioneer me Distance 29km/18mi Ascent 64m Descent 64m
Marwis one Pioneer me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 40m Descent 37m
Whimar one Review me Distance 21km/13mi Ascent 57m Descent 53m

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69km out of 141km have been walked and reviewed

122km of reviews have been shared in March

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this time i headed for the end of this route and it is a small tarmacced country lane leading into the village of whittlesea....

mrs davina webster

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Then instead of going straight on I will take the river crossing out of the park at riverside and proceed left through housing streets....

mrs davina webster

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mrs davina webster pledged to walk Whimar one

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mrs davina webster surveyed March

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The railway crossing about 4 miles out from Ely is closed requiring a back track and making use of the walker unfriendly roads....


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[Note: there is an alternative to this first part of the route, by taking Furrowfields Lane past Chatteris Library until you reach the playing field and going into the field beyond and following a path on the left to reach the A142, then a footpath to the left follows the road and eventually you can cross at the Fenton Way junction.]. Eventually you move away from the edge of the A141 and cross a field with a barely visible path (photo 7), but there is a visible yellow post on the other side and the spire of St Mary's Church in Doddington can be seen and used as a marker for the right direction. You cross the B1093 into Addison Road (photo 10) and turn left past the shop and The Anchor pub before heading down a side street and following it around a playing field to the far corner where there is a clearly marked footpath as part of the Woodman's Way. The footpath here is relatively straight and well maintained and you turn left along Bridge Lane but staying on the Woodman's Way (photo 11), then at the end of this road you turn right onto a pavement on the B1093 and follow this to another big roundabout on the A141. The route is again a little inaccurate here as it goes straight through the roundabout(!), but it is easy to follow the pavement to cross the road where there is an island, and not far ahead is a petrol station with shop and toilets if these are required. You take a left onto Mill Hill Drove (a drove is an ancient fenland farming route for moving animals) and this is firstly a decent bridleway path (photo 12) but becomes a rough track as you pass a couple of farms. The path brings you out on Knight's End Road, which you follow to the right to reach the B1101 road and turn left to take you into March. All in all, I would be happy to suggest to others to walk this route between Doddington and March, but please take care if you are going to do the full route from Chatteris....


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The section between Little Downham and the Hundred Foot Washes isn't really walkable, sadly: most of it's extremely overgrown all year round, to the extent that it's basically impassable. A better option is to take West Fen Drove out of Little Downham, then Byall Fen Drove to the Hundred Foot Washes. (The path along the edge of the Washes isn't great either, but it does exist!)...

Katie Sykes

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Slow Ways added Chamar one, a new walk from Chatteris to March

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March—Downham Market

Slow Ways added Mardow one, a new walk from March to Downham Market

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Slow Ways added Marely one, a new walk from March to Ely

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Slow Ways added Marlit one, a new walk from March to Littleport

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Slow Ways added Marwis one, a new walk from March to Wisbech

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Slow Ways added Whimar one, a new walk from Whittlesey to March

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March, Mon 25 September


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March’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

52.55120° / 0.08812°

Easting / Northing

541,675E / 296,863N

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more?

If you’ve polished off all of the routes between March and its neighbours, how about walking its whole web?

This includes the great ring of routes that join its neighbours to each other!


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