Slow Ways linking Stanford-on-Avon and Lutterworth, Market Harborough, Rugby, West Haddon

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Slow Way Route To do
Lutsta one Pioneer me Distance 11km/7mi Ascent 96m Descent 119m
Rugsta one

Review me Distance 14km/8mi Ascent 119m Descent 106m
Stanford-on-Avon—Market Harborough
Stanmar one Pioneer me Distance 22km/13mi Ascent 188m Descent 211m
Stanford-on-Avon—West Haddon
Stawes one Pioneer me Distance 11km/7mi Ascent 73m Descent 144m
Stanford-on-Avon—West Haddon
Stawes two Pioneer me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 146m Descent 75m

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30% of Stanford-on-Avon’s routes are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









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The route around the village of Lilbourne could have been a little more direct, we couldn’t see a particular benefit to the route that had been chosen there. As the first reviewer mentioned, at least two pubs en route, a coffee shop and village store, but nothing at Stanford so I would suggest getting something earlier on in the walk....


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There was one field which was severely overgrown, we managed to push through but I can imagine many would be put off and you certainly wouldn't have got a wheelchair or buggy through it, the undergrowth was up to our heads! I don't think the overgrown areas would be so bad in winter and as this hasn't been reviewed before I wouldn't want to put anyone off walking it....


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Stanford-on-Avon—West Haddon

Panic452 added Stawes two, a new walk from Stanford-on-Avon to West Haddon

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Panic452 surveyed Stanford-on-Avon

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Slow Ways added Lutsta one, a new walk from Lutterworth to Stanford-on-Avon

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Slow Ways added Rugsta one, a new walk from Rugby to Stanford-on-Avon

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Stanford-on-Avon—Market Harborough

Slow Ways added Stanmar one, a new walk from Stanford-on-Avon to Market Harborough

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Stanford-on-Avon—West Haddon

Slow Ways added Stawes one, a new walk from Stanford-on-Avon to West Haddon

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Stanford-on-Avon, Sat 28 January


Stanford-on-Avon’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

52.40428° / -1.13586°

Easting / Northing

458,885E / 278,824N


Users have reported that the following facilities can be found within 1km of Stanford-on-Avon's meeting point

Public toilet

Wheelchair accessible toilet




Accommodation < £50



Free wifi

Mobility scooter hire

Off-road wheelchair hire

Disabled Parking

Train station

Bus stop


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