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Slow Ways linking Cleveleys and Blackpool, Fleetwood, Thornton

Great Britain / Lancashire / Cleveleys

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Slow Way Route To do
Blacle one Enjoy me Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 49m Descent 67m
Clefle one Enjoy me Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 38m Descent 36m
Cletho one Review me Distance 3km/2mi Ascent 4m Descent 4m
Cletho two Review me Distance 4km/2mi Ascent 6m Descent 5m

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The line may not be perfectly drawn, but it doesn’t matter - simply follow the sea and have a marvellous time!...


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It was a lovely quiet walk, passing the occasional dog walker, runner or fisher person and got the tram back from Cleveleys to Blackpool at the end....


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This route is almost entirely along the seaside promenade and is surfaced the entire way. There are benches, shelters, and toilets (unisex with individual doors, 40p in Blackpool or 30p further along, also accessible) dotted along throughout the route, and also bus and tram stops (although the tramline moves inland north of Little Bispham)....

Mary Oz

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It is also possible to walk on the beach, or on the paved road some of the time. At the time I walked this, in winter, there had been a big storm which had brought pebbles, gravel and sand onto the path in places, but two separate locals assured me that this is not usually the case and the council would clear it quickly. Bizarrely, the route turns inland at this point, and follows the road for the last mile and a half....

Mary Oz

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Mary Oz added Cletho two, a new walk from Cleveleys to Thornton

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Most of the route after this consists of residential streets, more pleasant than the main road of CleTho One....

Mary Oz

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Mary Oz surveyed Cleveleys

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It has pavement along all of it, but the road is fairly busy and noisy....

Mary Oz

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Great accessible off-road route for walkers and cyclists alike, sharing a wide promenade on a couple of levels in places. Views across to the mountains of the Lake District. Amenities at Cleveleys and Fleetwood but not in between....


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A great flat walk, very easy to navigate and very accessible....


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With the right weather, at the right time of day, this is an easy but spectacular route along the sea walls. It is accessible to all....


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Slow Ways added Blacle one, a new walk from Blackpool to Cleveleys

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Slow Ways added Clefle one, a new walk from Cleveleys to Fleetwood

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Slow Ways added Cletho one, a new walk from Cleveleys to Thornton

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Cleveleys, Sun 11 June


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Lat / Lon

53.87874° / -3.04486°

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331,407E / 443,010N


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