Slow Ways linking Gorleston-on-Sea and Great Yarmouth, Loddon, Lowestoft

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Slow Way Route To do
Gorlow one

Review me Distance 12km/7mi Ascent 100m Descent 91m
Great Yarmouth—Gorleston-on-Sea
Gregor one Survey me Distance 5km/3mi Ascent 23m Descent 29m
Lodgor one Pioneer me Distance 25km/15mi Ascent 166m Descent 166m

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The route leads off the promenade onto the sand, meaning walking between wooden sea defences and an eroding cliff at Gorleston - this is the start of a difficult and dynamic stretch, between Gorleston-on-sea, Hopton on sea and Corton, that is being actively impacted by coastal climate change. Between Hopton and Corton, I was walking in caravan parks and fields, as the coastal path has dramatically fallen into the sea, and so either parts of it didn't exist, or it didn't feel safe to be close to the edge, as much of it is unprotected. Once at Corton, the route comes into the village, with more caravan holiday parks, and therefore a couple of pubs and cafes. If you're planning to walk this route, I'd suggest operating active caution, particularly between the middle stretch of the walk at Gorleston-on-sea (south end), Hopton on sea and Corton (north end)....

Genevieve Rudd

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The route takes you from Lowestoft station and follows the main road round near the docks, before switching to Whapload Road at a roundabout. At one point, the pavement on the East side of the road opens up into a path called The Ness (which I assume links to Ness Point), however this particular route didn't indicate to use that, so I did not use it, but stayed on the path on the other side of the road. Eventually, the path goes alongside a number of different caravan parks, and at the end of these, the path is forced down onto the beach. (Also, at one point alongside the caravan parks, the actual path was between a fence and the clifftop edge and was very, very narrow - at this point, I kept to the left of the fence instead)....

Matt Tre

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I walked this route starting at Gorleston, the suggested route actually goes along Pavilion Road, which doesn't have any pavements at that point, an alternative round there would be to stay close to the beach until the Pier Hotel and then follow that round which then would join this route as it goes onto Riverside Road....

Matt Tre

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It was quite straightforward and follows the river Yare/ Norfolk Coastal path for much of the way. I especially enjoyed seeing the cottages, parrotdise and the lighthouse. Gorleston is beautiful....


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There are few alternative options due to the waterways and the fact this follows the Norfolk Coast path shows there are little other options....


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Slow Ways added Gorlow one, a new walk from Gorleston-on-Sea to Lowestoft

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Great Yarmouth—Gorleston-on-Sea

Slow Ways added Gregor one, a new walk from Great Yarmouth to Gorleston-on-Sea

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Slow Ways added Lodgor one, a new walk from Loddon to Gorleston-on-Sea

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Gorleston-on-Sea, Sat 25 March


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52.56944° / 1.73075°

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652,912E / 303,382N


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