Accessibility Photo Survey

For Patrip 3765 by Ross

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    1. For this survey of 'Patrip one' I walked from Ripon to Pateley Bridge. It appeared to be market day on Thursday. Leaving the square there are public toilets, including an accessible toilet. The route continues along footways, but requiring crossing of the streets in places where there is only a footway on one side. 0 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    2. When leaving Ripon the route enters sheltered grassed trackways leading to Studley Roger deer park. Sections of the route from Ripon require walking on the verge. 1.5 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    3. Walking trough the deer park the route is open, leading to a paved road. No cattle or deer were seen on this walk. 3.1 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    4. Having left the deer park the tracks lead to and past the visitor parking area down to a short section of walking on a narrow lane. The route then crosses a stile onto a field access track then track through a wood. At the point in the photo, the route turns left, over an old stone arch bridge and up a steep muddy and rutted path through the woods to the road. 6.3 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    5. Having walked along lanes to Sawley, the route passes through fields with stiles and field gates. Cows were in adjacent fields. 8.4 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    6. The route continues trough fields and farm yards to an old trackway around a beautiful lake. The trackway around the lake is crossed by a few fallen trees but walkers have managed to form routes over or under them. 10.4 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    7. The route, having left the lake follows road verges and trackways to a farm. at this point the route crosses fields with sheep, stiles and field gates to a steeply wooded area. 15.5 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    8. Having left the wooded area, the route bypasses a farm, through their fields and uses old trackways with short sections of verge walking. 16.7 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    9. Approaching Pateley Bridge the trackways become paved but there are steps at the end to the final road into Pateley bridge. 19.8 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    10. The route passes drown the main street with many shops and facilities. There are toilets, including an accessible toilet, accessible from the car park, to the south side of the main street. 20.3 km from start — 09 May 2021

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