Accessibility Photo Survey

For Faztam 4257 by agtaylor123

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    1. For this survey of Faztam one we walked from Tamworth to Fazeley. The first section of the route was on footpaths along roads. This is the access down onto the canal to start the second section of the walk which was nearly all on the canal footpath apart from a small section of Fazeley. 1.6 km from start — 27 Aug 2021

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    2. This is the ramp access to leave the canal near Fazeley, shown from the canal towpath before around 0.2km of road walking into Fazeley to the finish. 2.9 km from start — 27 Aug 2021

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    3. Ramp access to the canal at the Fazeley end of the walk shown from the road. 2.9 km from start — 27 Aug 2021

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