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For Edgwhe 3164 by Strider

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    1. I walked from Whetstone Tube Station West to Edgware Tube Station - Edgwhe. This picture looking back towards Whetstone Tube just before it joins the Dollis Valley Greenwalk down the hill on the left. 0.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    2. After the Greenwalk there is a short uphill section along a quiet road, at the top is a narrow (100cm) gateway, this is not the narrowest part! 1.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    3. Soon after the narrow gate there is a picturesque cottage and a pond with a bench (spot the heron). The route is shown to pass this pond to the left, this is incorrect, the path goes to the right behind the cottage. 1.6 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    4. The farm path behind the cottage has a narrow (50cm) barrier to go through. Later there are narrow kissing gates. The path is rutted, rubble strewn and muddy, walkable but with care. It starts down hill but then rises up towards Mill Hill Village 1.7 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    5. Damp and muddy under the trees, even on a hot day. Despite the roughness of the path it is very popular with walkers. 2.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    6. At the top, Mill Hill Village. The route follows the main road to the right, The Ridgeway. I would go left through the village High Street to see the pond and cottages. The village road goes parallel to the main road and joins back to the route in 150m or so. 4 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    7. Just 50m past Mill Hill Village you turn left along a private road (Wills Grove) with a gate. Cars are excluded but pedestrians and cyclists are allowed. This road goes downhill towards Mill Hill Broadway with another gate at the bottom. There are trees and some grand buildings which belong to the Mill Hill private school. 4.2 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    8. After the private road you pass a park on the left then down to the busy Mill Hill roundabout on the A1. There are crossing points. you are heading for The Broadway with shops, cafes, and pubs straight ahead. There is an overground train station and buses here Under the Railway/M1 bridge. Turn right after passing under the bridge. It's pavement walking from here on. 6.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    9. Suburban pavement walking for the last 2.5km. The approach to Edgware's Station Road shown here, about 1km from the tube Station. Good wide undulating pavements. 7.75 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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