Route description

This is a route that connects Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush.

About the surveyor

Coming soon.

Survey Contents


Path surface grading

1 Grade 1: Entirely smooth and compacted surfaces.

Accessibility grading

X Access grade X: At least one stile, flight of steps or other obstacle that is highly likely to block access for wheelchair and scooter users.


Photos from surveys are coming soon.


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The narrowest part of the path is 85.00cm

The steepest uphill gradient East: no data

The steepest uphill gradient walking West 14.00%

The steepest camber: no data

How clear is the waymarking on the route: Unclear in places

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Successfully completed

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Expert recommendations

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100.00% of the route is on roads

100.00% of the route is paved

100.00% of the route is lit at night

There is no data on how muddy this route is

1.00% of the route is over rough ground

There is no data on long grass

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