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Suggest a new route option for Crialf between Crich and Alfreton

Want to suggest another way to walk, or wheel, this route? Please only add new routes that add significantly to routes already published.

Firstly, take a look at How to add a new Slow Ways route for information about why you might add a route.

All Slow Ways routes should follow a set methodology. As far as is reasonable it should:

  1. be safe
  2. respect local codes and laws
  3. be accessible to as many people as possible
  4. be direct
  5. be off road
  6. have resting places to eat or sleep every 5-10km
  7. pass through train and bus stations
  8. be easy to navigate
  9. be enjoyable and beautiful
  10. use established routes (such as the Welsh Coast Path), but not be distracted by them!

Suggest a new route option for Crialf between Crich and Alfreton.

Any new option for Crialf must start and finish at the published meeting points.

Grid Ref Lon/Lat What3Words
Crich SK3499354215 -1.47902 / 53.08403 motoring.shuttling.dolphin
Alfreton SK4112555567 -1.38731 / 53.09575 poems.chill.sends

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