CliftonWest Bridgford

Cliwes two
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By Ken on 11 Jan 2022







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Perhaps as direct as possible thanks to the cycle track alongside the tramline

Perhaps as direct as possible thanks to the cycle track alongside the tramline


This route has been reviewed by 3 people.

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1X February 2022 by StephenWalker
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Maximum elevation

Minimum elevation

Start and end points

Grid Ref SK5544834349
Lat / Lon 52.90375° / -1.17707°
Easting / Northing 455,448E / 334,349N
What3Words slide.calls.influencing
West Bridgford
Grid Ref SK5866837708
Lat / Lon 52.93360° / -1.12860°
Easting / Northing 458,668E / 337,708N
What3Words shady.plenty.opens

Sorry Land Cover data is not currently available for this route. Please check back later.


Hugh Hudson

31 Jul 2022 Summer

I walked this from West Bridgford to Clifton, then walked back by a longer route which is too indirect to share. Overall, I agree that this is a good direct and accessible route, and have no problems contributing to its snail mark.

My slight reluctance to give it four or five stars is because from a scenic perspective I much prefer Cliwes 1, and if the aim is to create the shortest fully accessible route it misses a couple of tricks.

I spent a large part of the 2020 lockdowns exploring the many paths and shortcuts in and around West Bridgford, and I would have routed the middle part of the walk slightly differently, to avoid the detour along Melton Road and reduce the amount of road walking a little. My tentative alternative reduces the total distance to 3.65 miles - there is a signposted and fully tarmacked cycle track that goes round the north side of Rushcliffe Arena to Collington Way, where another surfaced and signposted path cuts through to Northwold Avenue. There is a fairly new pelican crossing here across Loughborough Road (the A60) to Chaworth Road, which can be followed towards Rectory Road (using two more pelican crossings across Musters Road and Melton Road). I am not sure that this is different enough to justify creating a Cliwes 3 because the distance saving is not that great.


16 Feb 2022 Winter

I walked this route after heavy rain in February. I started at Clifton. I felt that is was a good way of joining these two urban sites. The route is on surfaced paths/roads/pavements throughout. I had a couple of blank moments with the navigation, where the correct way is not obvious, however I walked it without detours. An enjoyable experience, despite the weather.


12 Jan 2022 Winter

This is an excellent Slow Way, although I say it myself, I'm pleased I walked it before posting it. The paths are surfaced throughout with no stiles, gates or cattle. Much of the route is open and the whole is unthreatening, it stays off busy road for much of the route and birdsong rather than traffic is often to be heard.

The route leaves Clifton along the main drag shared with cars, buses and trams but there is a wide pavement, shared with cycles and electric scooters, in places there are green space to the side.

Leaving the roads behind this route would not have been possible until the tram route was extended to Clifton because as part of that project a cycle route was created alongside. The surfaced path is wide and unfenced to fields so feels very friendly. Passing under the ring road the tram route joins the old rail line and here it is a little hemmed in but well used and not isolated. At Compton Acres the route enters the estate on paths and quiet roads. At the Rushcliffe Arena don't follow the cycle route to West Bridgford, from here is mostly roadside walking. Having devised the route I did initially direct it along the footpath of another old rail line but this involves steps so stay on the road to pass through the vibrant shopping area on Melton Road. A few more quiet roads linked by short footpaths reaches the town centre. Not sure about the meeting place but it will do just on the fringe of the action.

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