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Route — Finwoo-2124

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Existing problems reported with Finwoo-2124

  • Travelling from Finchley Central to Wood Green. There is no public access to Exit Road so the route can't be progressed, as is, at this point. Exit Road is gated, and I confirmed the access restrictions with a resident. I believe the problem is that the route crosses the Islington & St Pancras Cemetery therefore there are restrictions to access. I would recommend rerouting down High Road and Creighton Avenue and joining Coldfall Wood from the Creighton Avenue entrance. Islington & St Pancras Cemetery grounds should be avoided completely. I'll suggest a new route. Reported 03 May 2021
  • It is not possible to cross from Muswell Hill Playing Fields/Coldfall Wood into the Islington & St Pancras Cemetery - there is a tall fence with no way through. Reported 23 Apr 2021
  • I presume this is test data because the survey makes no sense. You can't simultaneously have stiles and have no stiles. You can't have scrambling and and locked gates and be wheelchair accessible. Many more similar issues. Also the route assumes direct access from Muswell Hill Playing Fields (to north side of Coldfall Wood) to the Islington and St Pancras Cemetery grounds. This does not exist. There used to be informal openings in the fence, but these have now all been sealed by the Cemetery staff. Reported 16 Apr 2021

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