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  • This route has a section which is impossible to use. It is on "Private Land", but the bigger problem is it assumes that two roads joined together and/or that you can pass through on foot. You would actually have to scale walls and trample through peoples gardens! At the time I didn't realise that there was a "report this route" option, so I submitted a review (which said all this) and also submitted an alternative route (BlaWoo two). As well as avoiding the problem section I gently tweaked the route so that it goes through multiple green spaces instead of along residential streets and main roads and in one case now along a direct road which looks busier and uglier than it actually is, instead of a longer more complex (and less attractive) route. Overall Blawoo two is only 300m longer than Blawoo one, the original route, but at 6.3km and 6.6km they round up and down and the difference looks more. However, possible problem, I uploaded some photos with the new route, thinking about putting the case for it and not realising that they are/will be effectively published by Slow Ways. But they aren't my photos, I just "borrowed" them from the internet so I can't give permission to use them. Some of them are from Creative Commons sources, but I didn't upload citations or anything, so perhaps this is a problem. Please take them down if it is. Apologies for any difficulty caused by the roundabout way I've done all this but hopefully it is ultimately useful. Reported 30 Jun 2021

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