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  • This is my review. It seems only one of 20 images has made through. It looks like every time I uploaded an image it overwrote the previous one. Is there a way around this? Apologies for the nuisance. Chris Reported 03 May 2021
  • This is my review. It seems only one of 20 images has made through. It looks like every time I uploaded an image it overwrote the previous one. Is there a way around this? Apologies for the nuisance. Chris Reported 03 May 2021
  • I think this review is also on the wrong route. It mentions going on Bowen Drive and past Kingswood House and they are both on WesCry 2 but not here. It's a bit confusing, especially as the writer then discusses a whole load of other roads/places, some of which might actually be on WesCry 1. I saw there is a flag on one of the reviews, so perhaps someone already noticed and adding the flag was the workaround to stop it counting. Reported 16 Sep 2023
  • 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/1.20.0 ARGH, first review, first photos, first slow walk. Gutted. Reported 08 Mar 2022
  • 'My Reviews' waylist includes route 8803, which no longer exists and I can't delete it. This makes my waylist display as "only reviewed 19 out of 20 routes", which makes me sad! Reported 02 Jun 2022
  • I love the new My Slow Ways Stats on the My Account page! However, you are showing that I have done 20 route surveys and 108 route reviews. The reviews number looks about right (although there are a handful that I haven't walked - I knew straight away that they needed to be failed (not verified) and I walked alternatives which I also reviewed. However, the surveys number is way out - I reckon I've done surveys for 84 routes!!! (6 of them were photo surveys, which don't provide route grading, which I think needs to be included, by the way.) Reported 24 Apr 2022
  • I’ve reported a few bugs but wanted to say that this looks good, there’s lots of great information available and I’m excited about getting out there and starting to walk and report/review some of the routes local to me. It’s a great initiative and I look forward to seeing it develop over time. Well done to all involved. Reported 19 Apr 2021
  • Hi. On Tuesday 18.05.2021 I walked route Ellche (from Chester to Ellesmere Port). Yesterday I tried to submit a review and also undertake a verification. I had selected 15 photos (all less than 10MB). I tried to submit the report twice having taken ages to load-up the photos (which all showed up in photo preview after they loaded). However, each time I pressed submit after completing the verification section I got an 'Error 500: Sorry, something has gone wrong' message. Today I have tried again with 15 photos and got it again each time. I then tried with just 3 photos and the same has happened. I'm not sure if the issue is with me in terms of photos or text format or with the website etc? For example, in addition to the 15 photos my comments were fairly long - not quite an A4 sheet at font size 11 - but there is no indication of any word or character limit. Also, I first wrote up the comments in Word and then copied and paste to the Comments Box (so not sure if that's an issue?). SOS! Thanks. Paul Reported 20 May 2021
  • I walked part of the Wooler to Alnwick route today from Wooler to Eglingham and will complete the route soon and post a review (the part walked today was a fantastic). However there is a problem with the route from Berwick Folly (Way Point 269, map ref 067227) to where the route joins with a bridleway at WayPoint 300, map ref 079221. The route between these points is drawn as a straight line, but it does not follow any footpath or other right of way and it is not over access land for most of the way. I had noted that this part of the route was odd when I reviewed it on an OS map before setting off but assumed that Berwick Folly was an unoccupied derelict property and the route followed an ancient unused byway. However Berwick Folly is a farmhouse with outbuildings converted into very expensive/exclusive looking cottages. The route shown starts by crossing a large very neatly tended private lawn and then into an arable field. We spoke to a charming and helpful resident who told us there had never been any sort of pathway on the SlowWays route and the farmer did not like walkers on even legitimate rights of way over his land! We did find a route sticking to public rights of way until we were into the Access Land and then cutting across to rejoin the SlowWays route which added minimal distance to the walk. I can send you the details of the route I took by email attachment if this would be helpful. Rick Sweeney Reported 15 Jun 2021
  • The route is quite badly drawn in places, for example near Woodside. It looks as if it has been done at too low a resolution. I have a GPX track of the route from St Boswells to Woodhouse, if that would be helpful. One of my fellow walkers will be doing the bit from Woodhouse to Jedburgh and will submit a separate report. Reported 04 May 2022
  • Jock's Road / Tolmouth remains inaccessible, Storm Arwen wiped out much of Glen Doll's forests and the path between Glen Doll ranger base and the end of the forest is still blocked. Access is possible by walking up the South Esk, going left round by Loch Esk and reaching Crow Craigies that way, then down to Braemar Reported 29 Apr 2022
  • 😝😤Hi Cristie Apologies for the mess that is the reviews on NEWTEI2. I've had problems in getting hold of Tony and Julie - they can be hard to tie down! Tods is Tony. Chronologically, the first review ("We walked this . . . . . ") is the genuine Tods review entered for him by Julie. Julie then encountered problems in logging on herself and ended up entering her review with Tony's credentials! This appeared not to have worked and so she sent it again (you'll notice the slight differences). Both should have been attributed to Julie Squire (as in the Julie Squire reviews to CHUDAW2 and DAWTOP3). I compounded the problem by adding a comment to the first, plugging the tide issue, and addressing it to "Tods". Don't despair of us! It seems to me that Tods' original review ("We walked this route on Thursday . . . ") should stand. Julie's first review should be attributed to Julie Squire not Tods and the comment(s) deleted (you will see I also made a hash of that! So both comments!). I suspect this may not be possible probably because of the way the algorithms are written or because it amounts to tampering which could be deemed inappropriate. In this case perhaps both Julie's reviews could be deleted and I will work with Julie to restore her access and upload a new review. Annoyed with myself because I should have recognised the different styles, albeit both entered by Julie, but was of the mind that all 3 had been entered by Tony whom I suspect is a bit of a Jamie Oliver - a very clever, successful and delightful character who chooses, rightly, to delegate the written word to others. I am very anxious to resolve things with the utmost sensitively. Sorry, last thing you want on a Monday morning! Just let me know how you want to resolve it. Incidentally, they are both keen to do another and I'm inviting them to do Kingsteignton to Teignmouth which requires attention because it relies on a path that has never existed! Also requires hopping on a double decker bus to start which was a bit of a bonus getting to Newton Abbot 😊. Tony Reported 04 Sep 2023
  • I should like to suggest a few changes to improve access to this area. The current issues are: The area North of Ilkley than contains several well known tourist and walkers destinations is effectively 'blocked' by two long distance routes, ILKPAT and GRAILK. These routes need to be crossed by East-West paths and there are two fairly obvious choices, Bolton Abbey and Appletrewick. Both have lots of facilities, public transport and are tourist hubs. Both currently fall or are very close to the ILKPAT route so it would not much affect this. The Sun Inn is not a tourist destination and has no public transport and would be better moved to Blubberhouses which is a tourist destination and has limited public transport. this would mean minor modifications to existing routes to the Sun Inn. The ILKPAT route is currently probably too long and could easily be divided into ILKBLU and BLUPAT. The great advantage of the changes would be to create good through routes like BLU-BOL-SKI and PAT-APP-SKI This is a fantastic walking area and the changes would be of great benefit. Being local I have an insight into the area. I hope you will consider this carefully. I would be happy to send you missing routes as shown on the attachment. Kind regards Chris Reported 05 Jul 2021

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