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  • Inconsistency in photo thumbnail display for portrait oriented photos (and one other), possibly linked to the process by which they were uploaded. E.g. Rombre 2 thumbnails on route Overview page. Photos 1-7 uploaded with route: portrait photos = 6, 7: both thumbnails are portrait. Photos 8-21 from a review: portrait = 17: thumbnail is landscape but only shows middle part of photo - missing the full scope. Photos 22-28 from a photo survey: portrait = 22, 24, 26: thumbnails are all portrait. But photo 28 is different again as the photo is actually landscape (just! 1280 x 1251 pixels) but the whitespace surrounds the thumbnail display as if it were portrait. Is this is a new feature? I remember "portrait" thumbnails like photo 17 before. I'm not sure it's a success as the amount of white space now on the page rather defeats the purpose of a quick view of thumbnails, particularly when using a landscape computer screen. Maybe the whitespace could be shown as vertical white bands within portrait thumbnails so the on-route-page alignment and white space doesn't change? Or just return it to all being like 17 again - is there a functional need for full scope thumbnails for every portrait oriented photo? Reported 29 Dec 2023

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