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  • I think this review is also on the wrong route. It mentions going on Bowen Drive and past Kingswood House and they are both on WesCry 2 but not here. It's a bit confusing, especially as the writer then discusses a whole load of other roads/places, some of which might actually be on WesCry 1. I saw there is a flag on one of the reviews, so perhaps someone already noticed and adding the flag was the workaround to stop it counting. Reported 16 Sep 2023
  • Review of Milble Three isn’t showing. This seems to be the same problem I had last week when I submitted a review for Walkin Two which also disappeared with no trace. (Ticket 1206). I wrote a review of Milble Three using the app, 2 photos attached, submitted, look to be fine, no error message, but …. no new review appears. I think this needs a bit more following up please, it is very frustrating, and also when I have to do it twice the second one is always going to be less considered and probably less useful as a result. I can go back to using the website for posting reviews, but I did find using the app easier for managing the photos. Reported 11 Jun 2023
  • On the South side of Braintree this route crosses the A120, a fast dual carriageway. The crossing point is dangerous and locals avoid every using it because cars approach unsighted at 70mph+ round a curve in the road. There are alternative safe options in the area. Reported 02 Jan 2024
  • "Bl---- Bonkers". I spent some time producing NEWTEI 2 because NEWTEI 1 suffered 2 significant flaws. 1: The original GPX was too imprecise, notably where it confused one reviewer into taking an inappropriate wrong turning at Shaldon Bridge to cross under the railway line. 2: A quite worrying apparent failure to understand and appreciate the safety restrictions on timing because the track is intertidal between the A380 bridge and Shaldon. I am concerned that this reviewer appears to have walked the route without due respect to the clearly displayed warning signs (or my description) on completing below half tide. He has in fact rated not the NEWTEI 2 gpx route but his route on going "off-track" (something which it is not possible to do successfully and which is never necessary anyway when completed below half tide). Not sure what (if anything?) needs doing. Reported 05 Aug 2023
  • This request was created from a contribution made by Guy Brindle on 23 April 2021 21:33 UTC. Wadcam (one?) may need to become a ghost route. Link: -- There are some issues with this route. It looks fine on paper, and this is my local area for walks.  The start of this walk  off the Camel Trail to Sladesbridge is possible but it is under review  to upgrade the route. The route from Sladesbridge along the bridlepath to to the road just past  Rocksea Mill cottage is fine. However, you have a problem from Allenbrook to Littlewood Mill it is a path but it is private property. The public footpath starts there but turns off uphill after some 100 meters. Again if you continue along the proposed track you are going onto private property once more till you reach the gate on the road which states  it is not a public right of way, and permission is needed to walk through There is no other issues otherwise with this route. However in this stated  form this route is not  walkable Reported 24 Apr 2021

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