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  • "Bl---- Bonkers". I spent some time producing NEWTEI 2 because NEWTEI 1 suffered 2 significant flaws. 1: The original GPX was too imprecise, notably where it confused one reviewer into taking an inappropriate wrong turning at Shaldon Bridge to cross under the railway line. 2: A quite worrying apparent failure to understand and appreciate the safety restrictions on timing because the track is intertidal between the A380 bridge and Shaldon. I am concerned that this reviewer appears to have walked the route without due respect to the clearly displayed warning signs (or my description) on completing below half tide. He has in fact rated not the NEWTEI 2 gpx route but his route on going "off-track" (something which it is not possible to do successfully and which is never necessary anyway when completed below half tide). Not sure what (if anything?) needs doing. Reported 05 Aug 2023
  • Hi Cristie and Dan. Not a bug but a general comment for development of the reviewing process. Please have a look at the string of comments on LevKen Four. Cheers! Reported 21 Oct 2023
  • The end of the route between Kirkcaldy Promenade and the railway station should be changed, because the road from Abbotshall Road is private with no access to the station. From Whytescauseway, it should instead turn right and go via Hunter Place (past the bus station), Wemyssfield, and through the war memorial gardens, see: This also affects the start of the Kirdys route. Thanks. Reported 27 Dec 2022

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