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  • Flooding and dangerous main road crossing Reported 16 Apr 2024
  • This route follows an imaginary reopened railway (i.e. old railway that for significant parts - miles - is not accessible nor passable). A reviewer comments that it is the John Buchan Way, but that is not true. It passes over the JBW at two locations, but the reviewer is mistaken. This route would be welcomed but for large parts simply does not exist - it seems that perhaps someone is mistaking old railway line on the OS map with a path. Reported 30 May 2022
  • I think this review is also on the wrong route. It mentions going on Bowen Drive and past Kingswood House and they are both on WesCry 2 but not here. It's a bit confusing, especially as the writer then discusses a whole load of other roads/places, some of which might actually be on WesCry 1. I saw there is a flag on one of the reviews, so perhaps someone already noticed and adding the flag was the workaround to stop it counting. Reported 16 Sep 2023
  • Part of this route would involve walking along the B2068 past Farthing Common Plant Centre. This is a fast road with no footpath, of which I would not recommend walking along. Reported 28 Apr 2021
  • There is an anomaly with Yate to Frampton Cotterell-winterbourne. The Slow Ways map indicates that there is a Slow Way between these two places but a click through from the line leads to a blank page and the Slow Way is not mentioned on either of the place pages. Is there a Slow Way GPX for this route? Is there meant to be? Reported 12 Feb 2023
  • Jock's Road / Tolmouth remains inaccessible, Storm Arwen wiped out much of Glen Doll's forests and the path between Glen Doll ranger base and the end of the forest is still blocked. Access is possible by walking up the South Esk, going left round by Loch Esk and reaching Crow Craigies that way, then down to Braemar Reported 29 Apr 2022
  • Sorry - I should have raised this issue much earlier, but I don't think Billington is the right choice of settlement for this location. Billington is adjacent to/on the outskirts of Whalley, which is a much more appropriate choice of settlement. Billington does not really have any identity or facilities other than housing, whereas Whalley is a vibrant place, with many facilities. (I am a frequent visitor!) Replacing Billington with Whalley would entail a settlement move of c. 1km. I would be happy to replot all the Billington routes to start/finish in Whalley if this is possible. Reported 03 Jul 2021
  • Hi Cristie Opened the link below to read a new review only to see something odd along the bottom of the screen. A red bar full of symbols, numbers and what looks like code. Tried both route links in email, same result. (Same result when I tried place links later). Numbers are slightly different, including what looks like page loading time in ms. Sequece of screenshots attached. Main route page was greyed out at first. On one test a cookie acceptance pop up appeared and I realised that touching the screen was still working despite the red bar. And the (Spoiler - review was only a rating. words say "leave a comment". A weirdly low effort review considering the effort of physically walking it) I also had a review email notification for another route a little earlier this evening and it is perfectly normal. (My own review - boring) Noticed that the URL is cluster.slowways instead of usual beta.slow... perhaps explaining the cookies. The page looks normal if I access it the usual way and I have not been logged out of Also red bar was persistent as I navigated around the site ( still apparently within the Gmail app) and continued after "open in browser". When I realised that I apparently needed to "Log in". I didn't get much further. FYI I did have a pop up (not on phone but earlier on the laptop) about the main (beta) site to the effect of 'this website isn't secure but it usually is and someone could be eavesdropping on your data". It went away on refresh so I ignored it and would probably have forgotten by now. But I'll probably log out instead and wait a while. Over to you. I'm hoping it's pretty minor. Daisy ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Slow Ways Website <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2023, 17:35 Subject: Somebody has reviewed your route To: Daisy C <[email protected]> Help create a national walking network My profile ( About us ( Get involved ( Hi Daisy C Somebody has reviewed your route Somebody has reviewed the Slow Ways route Roccha ( between Rochester ( and Chatham ( . Click here ( to view it. Keep exploring! Slow Ways #SlowWays Slow Ways is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund Update your email preferences from your profile page ( . Copyright (C) 2023 Slow Ways. All rights reserved. Community Interest Company 12800558.   Reported 13 Dec 2023

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