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For Sunsta 4229 by Ross

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    1. For this survey of 'Sunsta one' I walked from the Sun inn to Stainburn. From the car park the route crosses the road and down a track past a farm building into fields. 0 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    2. Beyond the fields the route follows a footpath through the woods to a track leading to a road. Walking down the road, using the verges when cars pass, the slow way route turns up a lane. On this day the lane was closed for construction traffic and a slightly longer diversion directed walkers to follow the path around the edge of the reservoir on a compacted unmade path. The diversion joins the slow way as it turns left from the lane onto a bridleway. 1 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    3. Following the bridleway up the hill to Scow Hall (Farm) a view across the fields up to the mast at the top of the hill comes in to view. 2 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    4. At the top of the hill there is a fast road to cross with a blind bend to one side. Once across there is an unmade footpath through the woods which was steep and slippery at the exit side of the woods. 3.4 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    5. on leaving the woods there was a field gate in very poor condition. However, a small path continued on inside the wall for a short distance where there was a dry stone wall stile. 4.1 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    6. Crossing the fields with cows in them, following a short stretch of walking down a lane, the slow way turned right into fields of grazing sheep and eventually followed an old grassed trackway. 5.8 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    7. Following the trackway past Lindley Wood farm, the route follows their access track through the woods and out into the lanes. At the point the route leaves the Pill White lane the slow way and OS map show the route to the North of the field boundary. The well defined path is on the South side of the field boundary and easy to follow. 7.9 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    8. The path passes through crops to West End farm where the slow way is carefully signposted around the north of the farm. 8.8 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    9. Beyond the fields of West End farm the slow way crosses a stile into a trackway that leads to the lane at Braythorne where the route turns right down through the church yard to Stainburn. 9.1 km from start — 09 May 2021

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    10. Beyond the church yard the slow way crosses the field and down the lane to the end point in Stainburn. 10.6 km from start — 09 May 2021

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