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For Dorber 849 by pmostert

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    1. I walked from Dorchester to Bere Regis. After Lower Bockhampton the route leads through the farmers' fields. There is no established path. Numerous stiles help to cross from one field into the next one. The kind of stile as pictured I had not come across before. It looks like one in steeplechase: how to cross an electric fence? 3.5 km from start — 10 Oct 2021

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    2. Shortly after, one comes across this multiple obstacle: crossing an electric fence, a stile, an old foot bridge and then another stile. No real safety issues, however. 4 km from start — 10 Oct 2021

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    3. In the final descent to Bere Regis, after Blackhill there are no signs which way to go. Leave the mountain bike course on the right and look down towards the end of the forest and spot the sign as pictured. There is no other gate which gives access to the path towards Bere Regis than this one. 17.5 km from start — 10 Oct 2021

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