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For Borwhe 2729 by Strider

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    1. I walked this route from Borehamwood to Whetstone. Here is Borehamwood and Elstree station. Shops toilets cafes and pubs close by. Follow the London loop signs toward deacons Hill Road. pavement walking beside residential roads. 0 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    2. Looking back down Deacons Hill Road towards Borehamwood station, a log climb of 12%. Residential pavements. 1.5 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    3. Walking along side a busy road with narrow tarmac pavement. This part 3km from Borehamwood station, but similar paths found along this route. You can see the London Loop sign on the right which will take you through the Scratchwood area and join up with this route later, this will avoid a bit of road walking but make the route longer. Your choice. 3 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    4. There is a busy roundabout, Stirling Corner, take care when crossing the traffic normally moves fast. On this day traffic was slow but very bad-tempered, queueing for elusive petrol at Morrison's. This roundabout is notoriously busy even on a good day. 3.6 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    5. Entering the Moat Mount area just past a narrow kissing gate. Paths from here will be a mix of grass and dirt track. These become very muddy in wet weather and can be slippery. All paths in this area are on London Clay which is excellent when dry but soon becomes sticky when wet. 3.9 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    6. Well signposted paths along the whole route, keep an eye out when you change from one path to another. There are public paths as above, the Dollis Valley Greenwalk and the London Loop. Good views to be had. 4.2 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    7. Until you get close to Whetstone the path crosses farmland with livestock. You will cross Dollis Brook many times. There are many narrow bridges with kissing gates either side of them to contain the animals. Many are modern metal gates, here an older one with stiles and steps. All are muddy. Not suitable for wheels. Boots and a walking pole for balance recommended. 6 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    8. Three km from Whetstone the Greenway becomes more manicured and a tarmac path(s) will take you the rest of the way through more open grassland beside the Brook. Easier walking in pleasant surroundings. One short steep bit just before a road crossing but this part is wheel friendly. Very popular with walkers and joggers. 8 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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    9. Totteridge and Whetstone Tube station (Northern Line) only metres from the Greenway. Shops and cafes very close by. 11 km from start — 01 Oct 2021

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