u3a members are gearing up to get involved with Slow Ways. It’s a national initiative to create a network of reasonably direct, safe and accessible walking routes between cities, towns and many villages. Slow Ways aims to encourage people to walk more, further, and for more purposes. In 2020, volunteers – including u3a members - mapped out over 7,500 Slow Ways routes across Great Britain. Now the routes are drafted the challenge for 2021 is to review all 100,000km of them! 

Slow Ways from Greenwich

There’s an open invitation to u3a members, groups and regional networks to explore the Slow Ways website (or nominate someone in a u3a group to do that) and choose one or more routes to walk and check. As well as walking groups, any u3a group and member is welcome to use Slow Ways to connect across a range of projects and with each other.

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Image credit David Lintern/Slow Ways