50 Least Direct Routes

By mtormey

Total distance 778.2km/483.6mi. 50 routes.
Estimated walking time 155 hours 35 minutes.

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Newmil one 25.6km/15.9mi
Denduk one 6.1km/3.8mi
Wolcon one 31.0km/19.3mi
Harsta one 14.0km/8.7mi
Coblea one 12.6km/7.8mi
Rowold one 6.1km/3.8mi
Blatar one 25.0km/15.5mi
Bunpuc one 11.6km/7.2mi
Wilpoc two 14.3km/8.9mi
Barwet one 11.8km/7.3mi
Kintol two 8.4km/5.2mi
Lonbee one 9.5km/5.9mi
Easshi one 21.1km/13.1mi
Staans one 27.3km/17.0mi
Newdar one 21.2km/13.2mi
Harfle one 9.6km/6.0mi
Mayayr one 23.8km/14.8mi
Abenew one 8.7km/5.4mi
Sledri one 22.7km/14.1mi
Bonlar one 9.4km/5.8mi
Stolau one 15.3km/9.5mi
Clanor one 4.6km/2.9mi
Achsal one 18.3km/11.4mi
Laugre one 34.5km/21.4mi
Soubro one 9.2km/5.7mi
Daldum two 40.3km/25.0mi
Norsyw two 18.9km/11.7mi
Adlbla one 5.4km/3.4mi
Glenkir one 21.1km/13.1mi
Molbuc one 7.5km/4.7mi
Newwak one 11.9km/7.4mi
Woocon three 12.6km/7.8mi
Kenpad one 6.1km/3.8mi
Glasshe one 13.6km/8.5mi
Toobal one 3.9km/2.4mi
Seaalf two 11.9km/7.4mi
Osshor one 6.2km/3.9mi
Bovchu one 12.8km/8.0mi
Dorduf one 22.2km/13.8mi
Salgat one 14.3km/8.9mi
Charoy one 6.8km/4.2mi
Uddham one 11.7km/7.3mi
Dincar one 13.9km/8.6mi
Wadtic one 9.4km/5.8mi
Blacou one 15.2km/9.4mi
Ovemic two 18.8km/11.7mi
Newleu one 21.1km/13.1mi
Batbla one 9.5km/5.9mi
This route no longer exists in the network as it has been flagged (7014)
This route no longer exists in the network as it has been flagged (1547)