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Total distance 12,373.9km/7,688.8mi. 969 routes.
Estimated walking time 2474 hours 14 minutes.

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Invnai one 35.1km/21.8mi
Naifor three 18.8km/11.7mi
Forelg one 23.7km/14.7mi
Elgkei one 33.4km/20.8mi
Keihun one 17.8km/11.1mi
Hunins one 22.8km/14.2mi
Insinv one 23.2km/14.4mi
Invkin one 7.9km/4.9mi
Kintbla one 5.7km/3.5mi
Blacabe one 17.1km/10.6mi
Portaber one 17.5km/10.9mi
Stonpor one 15.0km/9.3mi
Invsto one 18.1km/11.2mi
Lauinv one 15.1km/9.4mi
Hillau two 16.2km/10.1mi
Hillmon two 3.9km/2.4mi
Arbmon one 31.6km/19.6mi
Cararb one 11.2km/7.0mi
Moncar one 7.8km/4.8mi
Dunmon one 11.0km/6.8mi
Aucbri three 24.1km/15.0mi
Briauc one 26.9km/16.7mi
Bristi one 4.4km/2.7mi
Milbri one 18.4km/11.5mi
Kinmil one 2.8km/1.7mi
Dunkin one 20.7km/12.9mi
Stitul one 8.5km/5.3mi
Tulall one 4.3km/2.7mi
Allcla one 3.3km/2.1mi
Clacul one 12.6km/7.8mi
Culdun one 13.7km/8.5mi
Perdun three 36.1km/22.4mi
Invtom one 26.8km/16.7mi
Tomcar one 17.1km/10.6mi
Avicar one 17.7km/11.0mi
Kinavi one 24.1km/15.0mi
Dalkin one 22.6km/14.0mi
Dalwkin one 33.6km/20.9mi
Kinpit one 32.9km/20.4mi
Pitldun one 22.8km/14.2mi
Dunper two 30.4km/18.9mi
Stiban one 5.4km/3.4mi
Banlar one 10.1km/6.3mi
Bonlar two 6.0km/3.7mi
Kilbon one 12.4km/7.7mi
Kirkil two 8.8km/5.5mi
Biskir one 8.2km/5.1mi
Glabis two 7.6km/4.7mi
Duninv three 10.1km/6.3mi
Queinv one 5.2km/3.2mi
Queedi two 19.0km/11.8mi
Winque one 8.0km/5.0mi
Linwin one 9.8km/6.1mi
Pollin one 10.1km/6.3mi
Falpol two 7.8km/4.8mi
Larfal one 5.1km/3.2mi
Bonfal two 8.0km/5.0mi
Trahad one 13.7km/8.5mi
Hadeas one 10.1km/6.3mi
Easdun one 12.7km/7.9mi
Duneye one 42.1km/26.2mi
Eyeber one 17.0km/10.6mi
Alnamb one 15.0km/9.3mi
Blywhi one 11.9km/7.4mi
Weshou one 6.1km/3.8mi
Durche one 12.4km/7.7mi
Hurnor one 22.9km/14.2mi
Northi one 17.6km/10.9mi
Thieas two 21.2km/13.2mi
Easshi one 21.1km/13.1mi
Shiyor one 11.3km/7.0mi
Ripkna one 20.3km/12.6mi
Harkna five 6.4km/4.0mi
Adehar one 9.5km/5.9mi
Adelee two 8.8km/5.5mi
Leegar one 12.7km/7.9mi
Gartad one 14.9km/9.3mi
Tadyor one 19.2km/11.9mi
Pocmar one 13.0km/8.1mi
Yorwil one 20.0km/12.4mi
Wilpoc one 11.2km/7.0mi
Marbev one 19.4km/12.1mi
Bevcot one 10.1km/6.3mi
Cothul one 8.1km/5.0mi
Heshul one 8.9km/5.5mi
Brohes one 11.1km/6.9mi
Gilbro one 14.9km/9.3mi
Howgil one 13.7km/8.5mi
Selhow one 16.8km/10.4mi
Shesel two 19.3km/12.0mi
Pudlee one 10.2km/6.3mi
Brapud two 7.6km/4.7mi
Bambla two 16.4km/10.2mi
Prebam two 5.8km/3.6mi
Langar one 21.2km/13.2mi
Garbar two 12.3km/7.6mi
Barful two 6.3km/3.9mi
Fulpre two 5.8km/3.6mi
Sowhal three 5.4km/3.3mi
Hebsow two 9.2km/5.7mi
Todheb three 9.4km/5.8mi
Bactod one 11.4km/7.1mi
Hasraw one 3.7km/2.3mi
Oswhas one 8.9km/5.5mi
Blaosw one 5.9km/3.7mi
Halbra one 14.1km/8.8mi
Rawbac one 7.1km/4.4mi
Helgar two 10.9km/6.8mi
Garski two 8.6km/5.3mi
Binshi one 5.5km/3.4mi
Patrip one 20.4km/12.7mi
Lanabb one 13.7km/8.5mi
Abbsla one 23.4km/14.5mi
Slahel one 18.4km/11.4mi
Skicro three 8.6km/5.3mi
Crokei one 8.4km/5.2mi
Keibin four 6.0km/3.7mi
Shibra three 6.9km/4.3mi
Ripthi one 25.0km/15.5mi
Helmal two 10.1km/6.3mi
Malgra one 13.7km/8.5mi
Grapat one 20.7km/12.9mi
Harhar two 15.0km/9.3mi
Leerot one 10.9km/6.8mi
Wakrot two 9.6km/6.0mi
Newwak two 6.2km/3.9mi
Newroy one 6.1km/3.8mi
Barroy three 6.5km/4.0mi
Barwor two 3.9km/2.4mi
Worhoy two 5.9km/3.6mi
Chahoy three 6.6km/4.1mi
Chashe one 13.1km/8.1mi
Edahat one 15.2km/9.4mi
Hayeda one 11.0km/6.8mi
Newhay one 4.5km/2.8mi
Rommar two 4.2km/2.6mi
Storom four 6.0km/3.7mi
Levsto two 6.9km/4.3mi
Manlev two 6.4km/4.0mi
Strman one 6.5km/4.0mi
Urmstr one 3.8km/2.4mi
Widwar one 11.8km/7.3mi
Warlym one 10.0km/6.2mi
Livgar three 11.9km/7.4mi
Birbeb one 4.3km/2.7mi
Birliv two 4.4km/2.8mi
Nesbeb one 11.4km/7.1mi
Nessho two 11.5km/7.1mi
Shoche one 12.2km/7.6mi
Holfli one 11.3km/7.0mi
Pencon one 7.5km/4.7mi
Llapen two 4.9km/3.0mi
Mandro two 0.0km/0.0mi
Droash one 4.4km/2.7mi
Mosupp one 5.4km/3.4mi
Uppmar two 9.4km/5.9mi
Marsla one 4.3km/2.7mi
Slahud one 8.0km/5.0mi
Hudmir one 9.7km/6.0mi
Mirdew one 6.5km/4.0mi
Dewoss one 4.7km/2.9mi
Osswak one 6.4km/4.0mi
Batdew one 3.1km/1.9mi
Batmor one 5.9km/3.7mi
Morlee two 9.4km/5.9mi
Hatshe two 19.4km/12.1mi
Lymwar one 3.9km/2.4mi
Warpar one 3.4km/2.1mi
Parurm one 8.1km/5.0mi
Altgat one 10.5km/6.5mi
Gatche one 1.4km/0.9mi
Chesato one 6.2km/3.9mi
Lymalt two 9.8km/6.1mi
Garwid three 18.3km/11.4mi
Sheswa one 11.6km/7.2mi
Swakiv one 5.9km/3.7mi
Kivwor one 11.9km/7.4mi
Worret three 17.2km/10.7mi
Beenot four 6.1km/3.8mi
Derbor one 8.5km/5.3mi
Radbin one 6.7km/4.2mi
Binnew two 23.0km/14.3mi
Newanor one 28.1km/17.5mi
Norlin one 8.6km/5.3mi
Saxlin two 10.5km/6.5mi
Ramsax two 11.8km/7.3mi
Retram two 14.3km/8.9mi