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We’re creating a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities

There are currently over 8,000 Slow Ways. This unique network of routes was drafted online by volunteers during the Spring 2020 lockdown. 

The next challenge is to walk, review and verify them all - checking over 100,000km of Slow Ways routes. 

It’s a big ambition for 2022. Thousands of people are getting involved.

Up for helping? Simply choose, walk and review a Slow Ways route.

Thank you to everyone who joined our first Slow Ways swarm!

We've just held our first a National #SlowWays Swarm to see how many routes we can walk, check and review in a single weekend. Added together, volunteers have checked over 2,000km of routes - and the results keep coming in! Find out about the swarm here and see our collective achievements on the new swarm stats page


Photo by Becky Duncan at Open Aye

Plan a Slow Ways journey

Use Slow Ways to discover suggested walking routes between neighbouring cities, towns and villages.

You can find routes by using the search box and by browsing the map - just click on the dots and lines. Plan longer journeys by combining Slow Ways routes in the Journey Planner.

To get started, sign up, then:

- Choose a Slow Ways route
- Walk, or wheel it
- Review it

Slow Ways isn’t a navigation app. Feel free to download routes onto your favourite walking app, print them out, draw them onto a map, or memorize them - the choice is yours.

Share your Slow Ways walks, stories and photos with other people. Our hashtag is #SlowWays.