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Slow Ways in numbers

7th June, 2021 by Cristie Moore

After 4 weeks of walking and reviewing Slow Ways the scores on the doors are in!

Supporters of Slow Ways have gone to great lengths – literally, in some cases - to contribute by walking routes, taking the time to leave a review or submitting a survey.

Thanks for all your inputs and efforts to get Slow Ways off to a flying start. Here’s an early mix of metrics, a stocktake of Slow Ways statistics.

Over 1,000 reviews have been posted and 11,000km of routes reviewed (the same route can have multiple reviews, so it doesn’t quite equate to 10% of the 113,643km of the total network). The process of route verification, needing 3 affirmative responses, is kicking in with 8 fully verified and 681 out of a total of 7,767 routes verified once.

We’re delighted that over 1,000 people have completed the online survey training, with 230 route surveys submitted. If, on average, everyone who’s completed the training so far walks and surveys 7 and a bit routes that will cover the whole network! Snap-happy Slow Ways walkers have shared 2900 photos so far. Waylists – your very own walking route ‘playlists’ (or mix-tapes if you prefer) – number 2,036 with an average of 3 routes collated on each. The 5,155 downloaded routes cover a distance of over 70,000km.

Slow Ways in numbers

You can now see a table of which routes have been reviewed or surveyed for a location by viewing its Place page. Lichfield is a great example - scroll down to see that every route from the city has been reviewed at least once. Similar tables for counties are being developed so you’ll be able to see which routes have been reviewed across wider areas.

Behind every review and survey is a journey - mostly enjoyable, from your feedback, but not without occasional challenges and complications. Every kilometre is helping to establish a national network of trusted routes for walking and wheeling between towns and cities. Thanks for all the valued contributions made by enjoying, reviewing and surveying Slow Ways - to date and in the future.

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