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Dogs using Slow Ways: the story behind the project

22nd May, 2022 by Saira Niazi

How to tell another creature's story? Here are our ethical wranglings as we tried to work out how to represent a whole other view of Slow Ways routes, through a dog's perspective

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Dogs using Slow Ways #1: Cookie

4th May, 2022 by Guest

We asked wildlife photographer Jasmine Pasha to turn her lens on dogs going about their Slow Ways journeys, to see what we human walkers might learn

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Slow Ways art #1: Rosie Wainwright

26th April, 2022 by Guest

As part of our Slow Ways art project, multidisciplinary artist and designer Rosie Wainwright walked a Slow Ways route and produced creative work in response to her journey.

"I walked a Slow Ways route from Pool-in-Wharfdale to Adel on the 26th March, which was a lovely sunny Leeds day. The walk took us through woodland, farmland, alongside roads and areas of water. All along the walk I was drawn to all the signage and wild type I found which I used in my piece, alongside other imagery from my walk, and drawings."

Rosie's final piece

Rosie Wainwright

Rosie is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who works across drawing, design, zine making and experimental textiles. She enjoys collecting imagery and ephemera as well responding to her surroundings in her work. Within her practice she is interested in found type and craft as well as our relationship with place, narrative and nostalgia.

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Bradford, Shipley & beyond: a Slow Ways journey

12th April, 2022 by Saira Niazi

Saira spent some time in West Yorkshire, walking Slow Ways and getting to know amazing local people and places in the process

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The hack day where it all began

11th April, 2022 by Hannah Engelkamp

Seventy people came together to design an idea that would – hopefully – change the way people feel about the land beneath their feet. As with the best ideas, it started with people-power. Photographer Ben Darlington was there to capture it

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Canvey Island to Southend-on-Sea: a Slow Ways journey

11th April, 2022 by Saira Niazi

Finding treasure in the whimsical, warm and mysterious Essex estuarylands, from Canvey Island to Southend and Leigh-on-Sea

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Slow Ways snaps

7th June, 2021 by Cristie Moore

Back in March - in a time of restrictions and before Slow Ways was formally launched - a twitter-call went out: “Got any photos of inspiring and inviting paths?

You responded - with photographs of paths in urban and remote places - and everywhere in between.

@GordonBarr, @meletherton, @Mr_Grumble @AuditBanshee, @Sarah_Hants

Take a look at the thread of images from across the UK.

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