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Growing Great Ideas backing for Slow Ways

20th July, 2021 by Rob Bushby

New lottery fund supporting transformational change provides 7-year funding

Slow Ways is delighted to be one of nine initiatives offered long term funding by the National Lottery Community Fund’s ‘Growing Great Ideas’ programme. A grant of £3 million has been awarded to Slow Ways over seven years from the new fund that “aims to offer long term, multi-year funding to initiatives we believe have the potential to achieve transformative and longer-term change”.

Growing Great Ideas is part of the Fund’s UK Portfolio, exploring different ways to invest in new ways of doing things. Launched in January 2021, over 230 proposals have been received to date. Rather than supporting initiatives focused on a single group, organisation or project it’s investing in “networks, ecologies, and coalitions working towards a common purpose and new philosophy”. This ‘ecosystem approach’ embraces grassroots activity, innovation and imagination, infrastructure and systems, as well as economic, environmental and cultural influences on society.

For more about the programme and its first awards, see this blog from John Knights and Andriana Ntziadima.

As well as expanding the current Slow Ways core staff team, a major part of the funding will be used to inspire support at community level, ensure inclusion is at the heart of our work and grow new narratives around walking and wheeling. It’s a huge step towards creating a national network of walking routes connecting every town and city across the UK.

In a blog for the National Lottery, Olivia Oldham explores the links between Slow Ways and the aims of Growing Great Ideas.

Dan Raven-Ellison, Slow Ways Founder, said “Slow Ways is a large-scale and long-term challenge. We need to work with thousands of people to create, shape, review, survey and enjoy over 100,000km of walking routes. That means having a national conversation about walking that is personal, hyper-local and connects communities across the country. This critical National Lottery funding will be a massive help with this undertaking.”

Support for Slow Ways from Sport England, Paths for All, The Pilgrim Trust and Kestrelman Trust - as well as thousands of volunteers and supporters - has been invaluable over the past 18 months. We’re looking forward to working with the National Lottery and the inspiring projects who will be growing their own great ideas!

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June newsletter

10th June, 2021 by Rob Bushby

With the summer months upon us, light evenings and a focus on home turf for holidays it’s an ideal time to check out Slow Ways across Great Britain. Whether looking to see what’s local or planning adventurous longer journeys, it’s a great time to join thousands of others in exploring Slow Ways and helping to create a national network of walking routes. Here’s a news update from the past few weeks.

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‘Slow Ways Voices’ captured in short films

7th June, 2021 by Rob Bushby

6 films of 1-2 minutes’ duration have been created by 2 film-makers to show people in different settings, enjoying walking and making use of Slow Ways for a variety of reasons.

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People wanted from every town and city in Great Britain to help make a new national walking network - Slow Ways launch press release

7th June, 2021 by Rob Bushby

During the Spring 2020 lockdown volunteers from across the nation plotted a network of walking routes that connect all of Great Britain’s towns and cities.Without leaving home over 7,000 ‘Slow Ways’ walking routes were mapped using existing paths, trails and roads. Combined, the routes stretch for 100,000km and lap the equator twice.

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April newsletter

7th June, 2021 by Rob Bushby

Firstly, thank you. Thank you for your continued interest in Slow Ways. There’s been a lot going on. There’s been a few delays. Yet we know there are thousands of you waiting and willing to get out, to find out what Slow Ways walking routes look and feel like – on screen and under foot. As the world around us opens up, we hope you are in good health and spirits and are looking forward to opportunities for new adventures in the coming months.

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Slow Ways in numbers

7th June, 2021 by Rob Bushby

After 4 weeks of walking and reviewing Slow Ways the scores on the doors are in! Supporters of Slow Ways have gone to great lengths – literally, in some cases - to contribute by walking routes, taking the time to leave a review or submitting a survey. Thanks for all your inputs and efforts to get Slow Ways off to a flying start. Here’s an early mix of metrics, a stocktake of Slow Ways statistics.

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