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Slow Ways linking Wigton and Aspatria, Bassenthwaite, Bothel, Bowness-on-Solway, Carlisle, Hesket Newmarket, Silloth

Great Britain / Cumbria / Wigton

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Slow Way Route To do
Aspwig one Pioneer me Distance 17km/10mi Ascent 161m Descent 180m
Baswig one Pioneer me Distance 25km/16mi Ascent 574m Descent 506m
Botwig one Pioneer me Distance 14km/9mi Ascent 225m Descent 121m
Bowwig one Pioneer me Distance 20km/12mi Ascent 102m Descent 120m
Silwig one Pioneer me Distance 20km/12mi Ascent 90m Descent 111m
Wigcar one Double check Distance 23km/14mi Ascent 170m Descent 181m
Wigton—Hesket Newmarket
Wighes one Pioneer me Distance 17km/11mi Ascent 228m Descent 367m

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29% of Wigton’s seven route options are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









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23km out of 135km have been walked and reviewed

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Latest Updates

The section leaving Wigton is lovely and well walked, and the road past Kirkland Hall and Greenwood Farm is quiet with distant mountain views. As you approach the main road embankment straight ahead, with the railway and house across to your left, you do have to turn right and walk up the access driveway of the houses to cross the busy A595 and walk along it’s verge SW for a hundred yards or so to turn down the road to Beckside, there is no footpath through the embankment as the map suggests. If you don’t want to go into Thursby itself you can just continue along the south bank of the Wampool to Wampool Bridge, and cross by road to the south of the railway line, taking a look at the grade II listed water tank at the old Curthwaite Station to the east from the top of the railway bridge....


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Slow Ways added Aspwig one, a new walk from Aspatria to Wigton

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Slow Ways added Baswig one, a new walk from Bassenthwaite to Wigton

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Slow Ways added Botwig one, a new walk from Bothel to Wigton

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Slow Ways added Bowwig one, a new walk from Bowness-on-Solway to Wigton

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Slow Ways added Silwig one, a new walk from Silloth to Wigton

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Slow Ways added Wigcar one, a new walk from Wigton to Carlisle

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Wigton—Hesket Newmarket

Slow Ways added Wighes one, a new walk from Wigton to Hesket Newmarket

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Wigton, Tue 6 June


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Wigton’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

54.82476° / -3.16125°

Easting / Northing

325,491E / 548,386N


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