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Slow Ways linking Simonstone and Clayton-le-Moors, Great Harwood, Padiham, Sabden, Whalley

Great Britain / Lancashire / Simonstone

Simonstone’s five Slow Ways are 35% checked

Drawn: 5/5
reviewed: 3/5
verified: 0/5
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Slow Way Route To do
Clasim one Pioneer me Distance 7km/4mi Ascent 70m Descent 79m
Great Harwood—Simonstone
Gresim one Review me Distance 6km/4mi Ascent 128m Descent 137m
Simpad one

Double check Distance 5km/3mi Ascent 55m Descent 88m
Simpad two Review me Distance 5km/3mi Ascent - Descent -
Simsab one Pioneer me Distance 4km/2mi Ascent 131m Descent 89m
Simsab two Review me Distance 4km/2mi Ascent - Descent -
Whasim one Pioneer me Distance 6km/4mi Ascent - Descent -

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46% of Simonstone’s five route options are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









2 people have contributed to Simonstone’s Slow Ways

1 people have pledged to walk and review a route

2 people have surveyed a route in Simonstone

21km out of 38km have been walked and reviewed

20km of reviews have been shared in Simonstone

Latest Updates

Good route between the towns which is offroad as much as I think possible. Takes in a lovely stretch of the river and passes a garden centre with cafe thats a good stop for refreshments. Crosses two very busy roads which unfortunately can be treacherous to cross at busy times....


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The route soon left the village of Sabden along a farm track which gradually climbed the flank of a hill, affording nice views back to Sabden, and forward across fields (with someone tobogganing when I was there) to the wooded slope. This short section of road went over the brow of the hill so the views changed....

Mary Oz

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Mary Oz added Simsab two, a new walk from Simonstone to Sabden

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After leaving the main road from Simonstone, the track descended through fields with lovely views ahead. My route diverted past the bandstand and down to the river, but the path seemed to disappear and the obvious route was back up steps to pass the church on the main road....

Mary Oz

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Mary Oz added Simpad two, a new walk from Simonstone to Padiham

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I designed and walked SimPad Two because I was worried about access from Altham Bridge to the Public Right of Way on the south of the river, and when I looked on Google street view it looked private....

Mary Oz

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Eric Forgan added Whasim one, a new walk from Whalley to Simonstone

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F Berry added Simpad one, a new walk from Simonstone to Padiham

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Slow Ways added Clasim one, a new walk from Clayton-le-Moors to Simonstone

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Great Harwood—Simonstone

Slow Ways added Gresim one, a new walk from Great Harwood to Simonstone

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Slow Ways added Simsab one, a new walk from Simonstone to Sabden

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Simonstone, Sun 28 May



Simonstone’s Slow Ways starting point

Grid ref


Lat / Lon

53.80648° / -2.35128°

Easting / Northing

376,964E / 434,521N


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