Mid Glamorgan

Slow Ways linking Sarn and Bridgend (Wales), Maesteg, Pencoed, Pontycymer, Pyle, Tonyrefail

Progress towards triple-checked route options for Sarn’s six Slow Ways: 33%

Drawn: 6/6
reviewed: 2/6
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Slow Way Route To do
Maesar one Pioneer me Distance 14km/9mi Ascent 270m Descent 341m
Pylsar one Pioneer me Distance 9km/6mi Ascent 103m Descent 86m
Sarn—Bridgend (Wales)
Sarbri one

Double check Distance 4km/3mi Ascent 71m Descent 43m
Sarn—Bridgend (Wales)
Sarbri two Verify me Distance 5km/3mi Ascent - Descent -
Sarpen one Pioneer me Distance 7km/4mi Ascent 104m Descent 124m
Sarpon one Review me Distance 9km/6mi Ascent 50m Descent 147m
Sarton one Pioneer me Distance 15km/9mi Ascent 405m Descent 329m

Collective progress

39% of Sarn’s routes are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









2 people have contributed to Sarn’s Slow Ways

0 people have pledged to walk and review a route

1 people have surveyed a route in Sarn

19km out of 63km have been walked and reviewed

18km of reviews have been shared in Sarn

Latest Updates

For refreshments there's a cafe in Bryngarw Park (2km from Sarn) and The Charter (near the lakes at Blaengarw). Free car parking in Sarn at Ynysawdre Swimming Pool and in Pontycymer at the Life Centre or Blaengarw at Parc Calon Lan....


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Fortunately you don't have to walk alongside this busy road as there is a small access road running parallel that will take you up to the rugby ground. There is another busy road to cross via the pedestrian crossing and then you walk up through the town centre with shops, cafes and pubs....

Stuart Bain

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Stuart Bain surveyed Sarbri two

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Sarn—Bridgend (Wales)

Stuart Bain added Sarbri two, a new walk from Sarn to Bridgend (Wales)

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This route is 100% road based running through some fairly run down council estates so I didn't feel particularly comfortable walking the route and the scenery wasn't great....

Stuart Bain

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Slow Ways added Maesar one, a new walk from Maesteg to Sarn

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Slow Ways added Pylsar one, a new walk from Pyle to Sarn

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Sarn—Bridgend (Wales)

Slow Ways added Sarbri one, a new walk from Sarn to Bridgend (Wales)

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Slow Ways added Sarpen one, a new walk from Sarn to Pencoed

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Slow Ways added Sarpon one, a new walk from Sarn to Pontycymer

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Slow Ways added Sarton one, a new walk from Sarn to Tonyrefail

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Sarn, Tue 31 January

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Sarn’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

51.53996° / -3.58552°

Easting / Northing

290,139E / 183,532N


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