Slow Way Route To do
Porcol one Pioneer me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 272m Descent 232m
Porthcawl—Llantwit Major
Porlla one Verify me Distance 31km/19mi Ascent 686m Descent 651m
Port Talbot—Porthcawl
Porpor one Pioneer me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 99m Descent 96m
Porthcawl—Bridgend (Wales)
Portbrid one Pioneer me Distance 16km/10mi Ascent 193m Descent 175m
Porthcawl—Bridgend (Wales)
Portbrid two Review me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 162m Descent 145m
Portpyl one Survey me Distance 7km/4mi Ascent 36m Descent 63m

Porthcawl, Wed 30 November


Porthcawl’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

51.48025° / -3.70257°

Easting / Northing

281,867E / 177,074N


Users have reported that the following facilities can be found within 1km of Porthcawl's meeting point

Public toilet

Wheelchair accessible toilet




Accommodation < £50



Free wifi

Mobility scooter hire

Off-road wheelchair hire

Disabled Parking

Train station

Bus stop


"Walkers are Welcome" town

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It also includes Merthyr Mawr and its sand dunes, leading on to the sandy beaches around Porthcawl. Photo 5 - Merthyr Mawr sand dunes...

Paul Chilcott

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Taram surveyed Porthcawl

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All the main points are covered in the first review; the most important is that the route through Merthyr Mawr Warren (from Candleston car park to the beach near Porthcawl) is difficult to navigate as it is indeed warren-like with many more paths than are shown on the map, and few markers. It’s easier to walk through straight through the dunes between the car park and the beach (directly south of the car park). The footpath sections south of Bridgend are well-marked; there are a couple of stone-slab stiles (see pic 2)....


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I don't recommend following the route in land as you will be on a fairly busy country road (stick to the coast) toilets and caffies on route....

Paul Currie

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Going round isn't a problem with some lovely country lanes leading to Porthcawl....

Paul Currie

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Paul Currie took this photo on Portpyl one

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A lot of roads where nicer footpaths could seemingly have been chosen - but otherwise a clear and easy walk...

Laura Phelps

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This is a hugely rewarding walk of just about 8.5 miles with glorious sea views, fine countryside and fields all the way into the heart of Bridgend....

Black Squirrel

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Part of the route (country lanes) is liable to flooding above ankle depth after prolonged periods of heavy rain - wear long wellies, rather than walking boots....


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Slow Ways added Porcol one, a new walk from Porthcawl to Colwinston

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Porthcawl—Llantwit Major

Slow Ways added Porlla one, a new walk from Porthcawl to Llantwit Major

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Port Talbot—Porthcawl

Slow Ways added Porpor one, a new walk from Port Talbot to Porthcawl

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Porthcawl—Bridgend (Wales)

Slow Ways added Portbrid one, a new walk from Porthcawl to Bridgend (Wales)

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Porthcawl—Bridgend (Wales)

Slow Ways added Portbrid two, a new walk from Porthcawl to Bridgend (Wales)

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Slow Ways added Portpyl one, a new walk from Porthcawl to Pyle

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