Slow Ways linking Oaklands and Hertford, Kimpton, Stevenage, Watton at Stone, Welwyn Garden City

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Slow Way Route To do
Kimoak one Review me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 151m Descent 162m
Oakher one Double check Distance 14km/8mi Ascent 167m Descent 131m
Oaklands—Watton at Stone
Oakwat one Double check Distance 9km/6mi Ascent 115m Descent 128m
Oaklands—Watton at Stone
Oakwat two Pioneer me Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 74m Descent 88m
Steoak one Review me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 100m Descent 114m
Welwyn Garden City—Oaklands
Weloak one

Verify me Distance 6km/4mi Ascent 103m Descent 112m
Welwyn Garden City—Oaklands
Weloak two Review me Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 1,030m Descent 1,093m

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The path goes through a permissive byway into Knebworth House grounds where you get a lovely view of the manor before going back to woods and farmlands with lots of ponds before finally entering Stevenage....

Heather S.

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As mentioned the section right out of Welwyn is not that amazing as it is a cycle track along a busy road, but I couldn't find a better reasonable alternative. After that, the whole way was fantastic with gently rolling hills. As it was January when I walked it there was of course mud, but generally was not too bad....

Heather S.

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Welwyn Garden City—Oaklands

Heather S. added Weloak two, a new walk from Welwyn Garden City to Oaklands

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Unfortunately the whole section between Welwyn Garden City and Welwyn North is a bit of a mess. You start by walking through a private car park, then the map shows a route on the wrong side of the track, then it indicates a footpath between Knightsfield and Bessemer (that is also shown on my map) that effectively doesn't exist as it's overgrown, full of rubbish, and blocked by trees. This needs a bit of scouting to find a good alternative....

Heather S.

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Quite a bit of road walking in the first part but along pleasant tree lined streets. The second part is a lovely walk along footpaths and through woods...

Gail Maisey

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This was an enjoyable route through lots of nice countryside, but the section along Tattle Hill/Bramfield Road had quite fast moving traffic with at times little space for walking. I would recommend that this part of the route is amended if an alternative route is possible. This was only a small section of a very nice walk though....


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The section of the walk between Harmer Green Lane and Oaklands was a very nice end to the route....


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There's an issue with access at the Oaklands end as the suggested path is not a right of way and through a private Scout camp....


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Oaklands—Watton at Stone

SarahHW added Oakwat two, a new walk from Oaklands to Watton at Stone

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A good route with stopping points in picturesque Ayot St Lawrence (Brocket Arms pub; Shaw's corner National Trust property) and Codicote (pubs, cafes and shops in high street)....

Ian Bailey

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ghoulboy surveyed Oaklands

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Slow Ways added Kimoak one, a new walk from Kimpton to Oaklands

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Slow Ways added Oakher one, a new walk from Oaklands to Hertford

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Oaklands—Watton at Stone

Slow Ways added Oakwat one, a new walk from Oaklands to Watton at Stone

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Slow Ways added Steoak one, a new walk from Stevenage to Oaklands

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Welwyn Garden City—Oaklands

Slow Ways added Weloak one, a new walk from Welwyn Garden City to Oaklands

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