North Yorkshire

Slow Ways linking Kirkbymoorside and Chop Gate, Helmsley, Hovingham, Lockton, Normanby, Pickering, Rosedale Abbey

Progress towards triple-checked route options for Kirkbymoorside’s seven Slow Ways: 32%

Drawn: 7/7
reviewed: 2/7
verified: 0/7
and surveyed: 0/7

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Many Slow Ways have several route options. Some will be better than others, or good for different reasons.

Our goal is for each Slow Way to have at least one route that is verified and surveyed. To be verified – and get its snail badge – a route needs at least three positive reviews.

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Slow Way Route To do
Chop Gate—Kirkbymoorside
Chokir one Pioneer me Distance 25km/15mi Ascent 550m Descent 656m
Helkir one

Review me Distance 14km/9mi Ascent 248m Descent 238m
Hovkir one Pioneer me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 175m Descent 206m
Kirloc one Pioneer me Distance 21km/13mi Ascent 508m Descent 406m
Kirnor one Review me Distance 9km/6mi Ascent 125m Descent 93m
Kirpic one Pioneer me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 236m Descent 268m
Kirkbymoorside—Rosedale Abbey
Kirros one Pioneer me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 385m Descent 312m

Collective progress

32% of Kirkbymoorside’s routes are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









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23km out of 113km have been walked and reviewed

52km of reviews have been shared in Kirkbymoorside

Latest Updates

Luckily, we had GPS and used OS maps to help us navigate as there were times in the journey that it was used as it wasn’t clear from the marked route as to where the path went. Additionally, just before this there was a detour to the route as the public footpath across a field was a building site that we had to walk around it – on a route that was obviously used by some dog walkers. A nice enough walk but could do with clearer footpath markings and the route needs a little bit of amending to deal with the obstructions that we met....

Julie Foster

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Combination of woodland, open grassland, some crop fields and occasional country roads....

Karen Hunt

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One gate on the recommended route was padlocked , there is an alternative route which would have taken the walker to the same point without having to go through this locked gate....

Caroline Horsley

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Caroline Horsley took this photo on Helkir one

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I walked it in March for this review and one section through a farm at Little Edstone had a deeply rutted muddy track running though, which made it difficult to pass. Other than that excellent, mostly well signed, paths, bridleways and very quiet roads. Lovely....

Tim Ryan

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Ardgour surveyed Kirkbymoorside

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Chop Gate—Kirkbymoorside

Slow Ways added Chokir one, a new walk from Chop Gate to Kirkbymoorside

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Slow Ways added Helkir one, a new walk from Helmsley to Kirkbymoorside

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Slow Ways added Hovkir one, a new walk from Hovingham to Kirkbymoorside

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Slow Ways added Kirloc one, a new walk from Kirkbymoorside to Lockton

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Slow Ways added Kirnor one, a new walk from Kirkbymoorside to Normanby

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Slow Ways added Kirpic one, a new walk from Kirkbymoorside to Pickering

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Kirkbymoorside—Rosedale Abbey

Slow Ways added Kirros one, a new walk from Kirkbymoorside to Rosedale Abbey

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Kirkbymoorside, Mon 27 March

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54.26990° / -0.93160°

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469,679E / 486,552N


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