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Slow Ways linking Kimpton and Harpenden, Luton, Oaklands, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City

Great Britain / Hertfordshire / Kimpton

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Slow Way Route To do
Harkim one Enjoy me Distance 9km/5mi Ascent 85m Descent 106m
Kimoak one Review me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 151m Descent 162m
Kimste one Verify me Distance 11km/7mi Ascent 153m Descent 148m
Kimpton—Welwyn Garden City
Kimwel one Review me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 130m Descent 131m
Lutkim one

Double check Distance 12km/7mi Ascent 111m Descent 133m

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The last stretch heading into Kimpton is a bit hard to navigate, as it's hard to tell what is the path and what is farm tracks....

Heather S.

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A nice little route with minimal road walking that goes through several woodlands and rolling farmland, ending with a short track down an abandoned railway line and Sherradspark woods just outside of WGC. Lots of daffodils and looks like the bluebells will be in full bloom in a few weeks. Easy to navigate and for the most part the route was firm despite heavy recent rains...

Heather S.

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As previous reviewer said, the map seems to want you to crosss the railway at a locked gate, from here it isn't that obvious that there's a tunnel, you need to get down to the road level and the tunnel is not far away....

David Mansfield

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David Mansfield pledged to walk Lutkim one

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There are good views across the Hertfordshire countryside as you cross big open fields, then down to the River Mimram in Whitwell (pub). From here you have to walk in the road for a while, but I only encountered a couple of cars (no through way on one part) and being quite open the visibility is good. The path in Stevenage is alongside cycle paths through open lit underpasses so avoids the roads and road crossings....


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A short road section takes you to Granary Lane, a pedestrian path which takes you out of the town then across fields down to the River Lea. I chose the road as the parallel path was very muddy, the road was not too busy and several dog walkers and I managed quite well....


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This left corresponds with a locked gate to a network rail access point, the actual path is to go right down a flight of steps onto the lower Luton road, turn right and walk about ten yards and then turn right again through a railway arch....


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TriNuFings took this photo on Lutkim one

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Walked this route both directions - first from Harpenden and then back after a lunch break in Kimpton....


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A few sections will be very muddy in wet weather and one roadside section along Kimpton Road between Blackmore Way and Beech Way has no real footpath - instead use the permissive way on the other side of the hedge opposite No 80. Note also that footpath has been rerouted around perimeter of Heron's Farm....


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Ian Bailey surveyed Kimpton

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A good route with stopping points in picturesque Ayot St Lawrence (Brocket Arms pub; Shaw's corner National Trust property) and Codicote (pubs, cafes and shops in high street)....

Ian Bailey

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Slow Ways added Harkim one, a new walk from Harpenden to Kimpton

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Slow Ways added Kimoak one, a new walk from Kimpton to Oaklands

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Slow Ways added Kimste one, a new walk from Kimpton to Stevenage

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Kimpton—Welwyn Garden City

Slow Ways added Kimwel one, a new walk from Kimpton to Welwyn Garden City

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Slow Ways added Lutkim one, a new walk from Luton to Kimpton

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Kimpton, Sun 28 May



Kimpton’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

51.85105° / -0.29636°

Easting / Northing

517,438E / 218,310N


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