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Slow Ways linking Holsworthy and Great Torrington, Halwill Junction, Hatherleigh, Launceston, Stratton, Week St Mary

Great Britain / Devon / Holsworthy

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Slow Way Route To do
Holsworthy—Great Torrington
Holgre one Pioneer me Distance 36km/22mi Ascent 521m Descent 586m
Holsworthy—Halwill Junction
Holhal one Review me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 217m Descent 176m
Holhat one Pioneer me Distance 30km/19mi Ascent 585m Descent 522m
Lauhol one Double check Distance 30km/19mi Ascent 716m Descent 704m
Lauhol two Pioneer me Distance 29km/18mi Ascent 773m Descent 763m
Strhol one Pioneer me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 333m Descent 433m
Week St Mary—Holsworthy
Weehol one Pioneer me Distance 17km/11mi Ascent 322m Descent 324m

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32% of Holsworthy’s six route options are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









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Latest Updates

I diverted at this point to continued on narrow lanes (where I was treated to a herd of fallow deer crossing from field to woodland) to join a public footpath that crosses Langaford Moor emerging at a safe point to cross the A3092 to continue off road through Forestry woodland and a Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserve to Hallwill Junction....


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Overall, much of the route is fine for walkers (except along the B3254 from Langdon's Farm to St Stephen's which is highly dangerous for all), but stiles, narrow bridges, rough pasture (sometimes with livestock), steep gradients on lanes and fields, and steps make it unsuitable for wheelers. The drawn route is fine from here along single track, very quiet lanes with little traffic to North Down. On rejoining the path and bridleway, once again farmland, steep gradients and livestock are encountered as well as ground that would be very boggy and muddy in wet weather....


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JGraham added Lauhol two, a new walk from Launceston to Holsworthy

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JGraham surveyed Holsworthy

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Holsworthy—Great Torrington

Slow Ways added Holgre one, a new walk from Holsworthy to Great Torrington

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Holsworthy—Halwill Junction

Slow Ways added Holhal one, a new walk from Holsworthy to Halwill Junction

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Slow Ways added Holhat one, a new walk from Holsworthy to Hatherleigh

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Slow Ways added Lauhol one, a new walk from Launceston to Holsworthy

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Slow Ways added Strhol one, a new walk from Stratton to Holsworthy

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Week St Mary—Holsworthy

Slow Ways added Weehol one, a new walk from Week St Mary to Holsworthy

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Holsworthy, Sun 28 May


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Lat / Lon

50.81089° / -4.35255°

Easting / Northing

234,355E / 103,899N


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