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Hesket Newmarket


Slow Ways linking Hesket Newmarket and Bassenthwaite, Carlisle, Keswick, Lazonby, Penrith, Troutbeck, Wigton

Great Britain / Cumbria / Hesket Newmarket

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Slow Way Route To do
Bassenthwaite—Hesket Newmarket
Bashes one Pioneer me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 451m Descent 522m
Hesket Newmarket—Carlisle
Hescar one Pioneer me Distance 24km/15mi Ascent 216m Descent 362m
Hesket Newmarket—Lazonby
Heslaz one Pioneer me Distance 29km/18mi Ascent 401m Descent 479m
Hesket Newmarket—Penrith
Hespen one Pioneer me Distance 25km/16mi Ascent 319m Descent 342m
Hesket Newmarket—Troutbeck
Hestro one Pioneer me Distance 15km/10mi Ascent 322m Descent 220m
Keswick—Hesket Newmarket
Keshes one Pioneer me Distance 24km/15mi Ascent 821m Descent 906m
Wigton—Hesket Newmarket
Wighes one Pioneer me Distance 17km/11mi Ascent 228m Descent 367m

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25% of Hesket Newmarket’s seven route options are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









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Latest Updates

Bassenthwaite—Hesket Newmarket

Slow Ways added Bashes one, a new walk from Bassenthwaite to Hesket Newmarket

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Hesket Newmarket—Carlisle

Slow Ways added Hescar one, a new walk from Hesket Newmarket to Carlisle

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Hesket Newmarket—Lazonby

Slow Ways added Heslaz one, a new walk from Hesket Newmarket to Lazonby

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Hesket Newmarket—Penrith

Slow Ways added Hespen one, a new walk from Hesket Newmarket to Penrith

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Hesket Newmarket—Troutbeck

Slow Ways added Hestro one, a new walk from Hesket Newmarket to Troutbeck

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Keswick—Hesket Newmarket

Slow Ways added Keshes one, a new walk from Keswick to Hesket Newmarket

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Wigton—Hesket Newmarket

Slow Ways added Wighes one, a new walk from Wigton to Hesket Newmarket

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Hesket Newmarket, Tue 6 June


Sunny day

Hesket Newmarket’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

54.73833° / -3.02574°

Easting / Northing

334,056E / 538,633N


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