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Slow Ways linking Felixstowe and Harwich, Ipswich, Kesgrave, Rendlesham, Woodbridge

England / Suffolk / Felixstowe

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Slow Way Route To do
Felren one Pioneer me Distance 31km/19mi Ascent 234m Descent 230m
Felren two Review me Distance 27km/17mi Ascent 256m Descent 250m
Harfel one

Double check Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 20m Descent 37m
Ipsfel one

Double check Distance 27km/17mi Ascent 200m Descent 218m
Kesfel one Pioneer me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 95m Descent 109m
Woofel one Pioneer me Distance 20km/12mi Ascent 131m Descent 149m

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62km out of 131km have been walked and reviewed

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Latest Updates

I walked this Slow way in several bites going in the Rendlesham to Felixstowe direction while I was on a family holiday in the area (and very proud I managed it all to be honest!) and although it has the obvious constraint that it is only fully usable when the ferry across the River Deben is operating (every day 10 til 5 in summer, weekends only in winter at the time of writing), it is a varied route and a good way to explore this interesting corner of Suffolk. From here it winds out on local lanes and paths along the marshland sea defences to the atmospheric shingle-banked coastline and uses the Suffolk coast path, punctuated regularly by Napoleonic-era Martello towers, to get into Old Felixstowe, crossing the river on a delightful tiny ferry boat from Bawdsey Quay to Felixstowe Ferry on the way. The route heads out of Rendlesham on a suburban road leading to a safe crossing point on the A1152, and sets out across an arable field on a well-walked path straight through the crop. As you go into the forest near Friday Street, the Slow Way plot follows the line of a short stretch of public footpath which heads slightly southeast along the course of the airfield fence (roughly w3w pushed.joystick.wins to balancing.clip.strutting) but I couldn't find that and followed the more obvious route down the nearby more south-westerly orientated forest ride to meet the next bridleway a tad further west (w3w waltz.utter.taxpayers). The Slow Way then tracks on southwards for a mile or so along a path mainly bordering the forest edge, eventually arriving at a carpark under the trees. I’m not sure that the plot of the route is exactly right going into it but the path is so very obvious that it is not a problem. I used my GPS here but basically, once you have crossed the road on the way onto the common, there is an obvious path leading away leftish through the trees and a slightly less obvious path ahead leading shortly to a kissing gate onto the heath. This goes roughly in the same direction as the Slow Way plot (and the line of the path on the OS map) and it does arrive fairly soon at a fence line with a pair of double gates (w3w narrowest.slave.tuck). (A possible and easier alternative at the start of the common might be just to follow the more obvious path left. This winds about a bit, tracking roughly parallel to the road through the woodland, and meets another clear path following the line of a fence down to the double gates. It is a bit longer and not as pretty, but there is less chance of getting lost). (It is worth noting here that the Slow Way bypasses Shingle Street with its row of white coastguard cottages and distinctively weird flowery meadows among the stones, and you could equally well leave the road on the coast path (at w3w chromatic.again.strictest) and head east to the towards the sea to reach the shingle bank somewhat earlier, and make your way through this atmospheric hamlet instead, meeting up with the Slow Way again near the Martello tower at the far end. There really isn't a lot in it distance-wise, so it is a very viable option that I would recommend. I’ve uploaded a couple of photos showing the coastguard cottages and the funny meadows with towers of yellow verbascum in the area just for info). Here the Slow Way (and the Suffolk coast path) turn in and use the road for the next couple of miles to Bawdsey quay. On the run in to the end of the route the coast path edges between the sculpted shingle and a golf course (with the last of the Martello towers marooned within it) and traverses an extended village of beach huts along terraces cut into the low cliff above the swimming beaches....


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LizzieWalker surveyed Felixstowe

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At the end of the park, by Orwell Road, turn right onto the prom and follow the prom all the way along, past the pier to the bottom of Bent Hill....

Nigel Paul Meadows

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The route from Levington down to Felixstowe at Beach Station Road follows existing Public Rights of Way and is generally very good....

Nigel Paul Meadows

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David Emerson added Felren two, a new walk from Felixstowe to Rendlesham

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Slow Ways added Felren one, a new walk from Felixstowe to Rendlesham

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Slow Ways added Harfel one, a new walk from Harwich to Felixstowe

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Slow Ways added Ipsfel one, a new walk from Ipswich to Felixstowe

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Slow Ways added Kesfel one, a new walk from Kesgrave to Felixstowe

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Slow Ways added Woofel one, a new walk from Woodbridge to Felixstowe

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Felixstowe, Sun 25 February


Felixstowe’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

51.96713° / 1.35056°

Easting / Northing

630,256E / 235,151N

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more?

If you’ve polished off all of the routes between Felixstowe and its neighbours, how about walking its whole web?

This includes the great ring of routes that join its neighbours to each other!


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