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Slow Ways linking Cromer and Aylsham, North Walsham, Sheringham, Stalham

Great Britain / Norfolk / Cromer

Cromer’s four Slow Ways are 44% checked

Drawn: 4/4
reviewed: 2/4
verified: 1/4
and surveyed: 0/4

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Slow Way Route To do
Aylcro one Review me Distance 25km/16mi Ascent 205m Descent 203m
Cromer—North Walsham
Cronor one Pioneer me Distance 19km/12mi Ascent 182m Descent 179m
Crosta one Pioneer me Distance 33km/20mi Ascent 270m Descent 293m
Shecro one

Survey me Distance 8km/5mi Ascent 196m Descent 188m
Shecro two Review me Distance 7km/5mi Ascent 154m Descent 145m
Shecro three Review me Distance 7km/5mi Ascent 156m Descent 147m

Collective progress

46% of Cromer’s four route options are drawn, reviewed, surveyed and/or verified









6 people have contributed to Cromer’s Slow Ways

3 people have pledged to walk and review a route

0 people have surveyed a route in Cromer

48km out of 99km have been walked and reviewed

77km of reviews have been shared in Cromer

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Aksana Saloshka pledged to walk Shecro two

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Hiking Historian added Shecro three, a new walk from Sheringham to Cromer

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A tidy of the Cromer end as the automapping went a little wild! Review for SHECRO Two still applicable....

Hiking Historian

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Rerouted walk uses much of the Norfolk Coastal Path, and as such is a route for foot only, as cyclists are not able to use the footpath, and gates and steps, especially on Beeston Bump, excludes wheelchairs, except for near Cromer. That said, it's a very enjoyable coastal route, with some necessary diversions inland and along paved roads where the old route has fallen into the sea! Good amenities and transport links at both ends, and a store at West Runton halfway through....

Hiking Historian

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Hiking Historian added Shecro two, a new walk from Sheringham to Cromer

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Not sure how this route was verified, as chunks of it are unachievable due to coastal erosion, leading to footpaths vanishing....

Hiking Historian

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This route would be fine if it followed the waymarked coastal footpath but currently tries to take you across a closed clifftop footpath that is either impossible or dangerous to follow around East Runton. At low tide an alternative is to walk from Sheringham to Cromer along the beach...


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This route mostly traces the Aylsham-Cromer section of the Weavers' Way long-distance path, and so it is a reliable path....


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Great coastal route, tough going in places as steep steps up Beeston Bump but spectacular views all the way....


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Follow the promenade east past a first row of beach huts, to find a steep set of 59 steps to the right and a ramp leading uphill to the Norfolk Coast Path and cliff top. Follow the coast path, passing a couple of caravan parks, with one awkward pinch point to arrive at West Runton. So follow the Norfolk Coast Path along the A149 through East Runton village and onwards. After East Runton, the Norfolk Coast Path takes a rather artificial route through yet another caravan park and across an open area which doubles as a car park and picnic area....

Black Squirrel

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Picturesque enough, especially when going over the "bump" but later stages traverse a succession of caravan/camping sites, which is less interesting, and feels slightly intrusive. Path is generally good, being a mix of hard standing, trail, and grass, but a steep set of steps going up the bump renders it inaccessible to buggies and wheelchairs....


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Northernblue took this photo on Shecro one

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Geogramblings took this photo on Aylcro one

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Susan Gibson surveyed Cromer

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Slow Ways added Aylcro one, a new walk from Aylsham to Cromer

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Cromer—North Walsham

Slow Ways added Cronor one, a new walk from Cromer to North Walsham

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Slow Ways added Crosta one, a new walk from Cromer to Stalham

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Slow Ways added Shecro one, a new walk from Sheringham to Cromer

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Cromer, Mon 5 June



Cromer’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

52.92997° / 1.29242°

Easting / Northing

621,382E / 342,023N


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