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Slow Ways linking Chichester and Bognor Regis, Emsworth, Midhurst, Selsey, Westergate

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Slow Way Route To do
Chichester—Bognor Regis
Chibog one

Review me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 21m Descent 31m
Chimid one

Double check Distance 21km/13mi Ascent 401m Descent 416m
Chiwes one

Double check Distance 11km/7mi Ascent 24m Descent 29m
Emschi two Review me Distance 17km/10mi Ascent - Descent -
Selchi one Verify me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 58m Descent 65m

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Latest Updates

Geoff Conway took this photo on Selchi one

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You leave Chichester by following the canal south to Hunston. The path splits with one path going due south towards the North Wall on Pagham Harbour. The Sel-Chi path heads south west towards Halsey Farm....

Geoff Conway

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It is better to follow the canal into (or out) of Chichester from Hunston, following the initial part of the route to Selsey (SelChi) rather than through Whyke. It makes for a nicer route into/out of the city than using residential streets....

Richard Gotheridge

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Unpleasant walking on busy roads south of Goodwood Triangle carpark SU87951134. There are much quieter routes into Chichester on the other side of the Trundle...


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moschatel added Emschi two, a new walk from Emsworth to Chichester

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This route follows the Chichester Harbour coastal footpath as much as possible, with lovely views of the harbour inlets. The footpath at Fishbourne is tidal at peak high tides....


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Bostal Boy surveyed Selchi one

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A really quiet route from Chichester to Selsey which keeps well away from the major roads that cross this area. From Hunston the route follows farm tracks and little-used lanes through wide open fields past South Mundham to the edge of Pagham Harbour at Sidlesham Quay....

Bostal Boy

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This is followed by a section walking along Vinnetrow Road which is a busy rat run with no pavements and very narrow verges. A short section walking alongside the busy road seems to be unavoidable on the current route....

Bostal Boy

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As for the route, we struggled to find the connection between Dallaway Road and Whyke Road. Other than this the routemap was roughly accurate (apart from the weird diversion up Palmer Place, which we ignored!) Overall, we found the route to be a quick and quiet way to get from Chichester to Bognor, so in that respect it succeeds :) (i took pics but can't get them from phone to laptop and can't login to site from phone for some reason - not recognising the password and Chrome password saving isn't working either)....

Joe Downie

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ColinHicks surveyed Chichester

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Chichester—Bognor Regis

Slow Ways added Chibog one, a new walk from Chichester to Bognor Regis

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Slow Ways added Chimid one, a new walk from Chichester to Midhurst

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Slow Ways added Chiwes one, a new walk from Chichester to Westergate

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Slow Ways added Selchi one, a new walk from Selsey to Chichester

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Chichester, Fri 3 February


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