Slow Ways linking Cheltenham and Bishop's Cleeve, Brockworth, Colesbourne, Innsworth, Northleach, Tewkesbury, Winchcombe

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Slow Way Route To do
Broche one Pioneer me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 62m Descent 64m
Cheltenham—Bishop's Cleeve
Chebis one Enjoy me Distance 7km/5mi Ascent 51m Descent 51m
Checol one Review me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 316m Descent 203m
Chenor one Pioneer me Distance 31km/19mi Ascent 710m Descent 603m
Chewin one Review me Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 249m Descent 212m
Innche one Review me Distance 9km/5mi Ascent 78m Descent 45m
Tewche one Review me Distance 15km/9mi Ascent 81m Descent 37m

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Latest Updates

Beside Cheltenham Race Course the route is off road, then passes round the edge of an area which is used as a car park during races, and passing the race course railway station. I walked from Bishops Cleeve to Cheltenham and missed the route twice, the first time I missed an almost hidden path sign when crossing Southam Lane....

F Berry

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Route more or less correctly mapped, I would just make a couple of suggestions at each end. On Chewin1 the route uses a path between Welland Lodge Road and Broad Acre Road. The route heads to a gap between houses in Southam, potentially there may be refreshments at Southam de la Bere Hotel, just off route, but it is very posh. From Southam the route uses bits of old road and footways, then crosses the B4632 (take care here - fast traffic) to head steeply up Ashleigh Lane. At Postlip Mill a new path takes the route above the noisy industrial area (CheWin1 not correctly mapped here)....

F Berry

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The route as plotted has you walking straight behind the buildings that line The Reddings, but that's not a footpath; just follow The Reddings. The stretch of the route into Cheltenham was good, it just felt very long!...


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Minor tweak: The footpath bridge over the former railway line near Sandy Lane is closed (no date for reopening), so a mild (5-minute?) detour is needed -- where the bridge is blocked off, follow the turn to the left to Sandy Lane, then walk up Sandy Lane and turn right to enter the park, where you can rejoin the route through the corner of the park. Very pleasant walk from the centre of Cheltenham to Colesbourne, finishing neatly at the Colesbourne Inn. A good mix of town, hill and fields and beech avenues, with interesting views and landmarks (particularly the Round House at Pinswell)....


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Road crossing not obvious and path disappears totally before reaching Swindon Village....

Mark Lardner

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Mainly rural with some reasonably quiet urban at beginning and end. There are stiles which are ok for the human walkers but bigger dogs had to be hauled over....


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Some of my group had dogs and a few of the stiles were tricky to negotiate with a big dog....


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swimshark57 surveyed Cheltenham

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Slow Ways added Broche one, a new walk from Brockworth to Cheltenham

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Cheltenham—Bishop's Cleeve

Slow Ways added Chebis one, a new walk from Cheltenham to Bishop's Cleeve

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Slow Ways added Checol one, a new walk from Cheltenham to Colesbourne

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Slow Ways added Chenor one, a new walk from Cheltenham to Northleach

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Slow Ways added Chewin one, a new walk from Cheltenham to Winchcombe

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Slow Ways added Innche one, a new walk from Innsworth to Cheltenham

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Slow Ways added Tewche one, a new walk from Tewkesbury to Cheltenham

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