Slow Ways linking Chartham and Ashford (Kent), Barham, Canterbury, Faversham

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Slow Way Route To do
Ashford (Kent)—Chartham
Ashcha one Review me Distance 24km/15mi Ascent 241m Descent 261m
Chabar one Pioneer me Distance 15km/9mi Ascent 281m Descent 315m
Chacan one Enjoy me Distance 6km/4mi Ascent 28m Descent 24m
Favcha one Pioneer me Distance 14km/8mi Ascent 212m Descent 209m

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Some sheep grids which might impede a wheelchair but this is a surfaced (sand/ gravel and some tarmac stretches near Canterbury and Chartham ) route. It’s popular with runners, cyclists and walkers. Especially recommended early morning when mist often shrouds the water meadows/ marshes and adjacent lakes and river....

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Dave Hogben surveyed Chartham

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You will also find benches along the route including one with a table with animals carved into it. Following the route to Westgate Gardens in Canterbury brings you out at the bottom of the main pedestrian street with access to numerous cafes and tea rooms in addition to Canterbury Cathedral itself....

Dave Hogben

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This route follows the Stour Valley Walk and National Cycle Route 18 for almost its entire length (up to Westgate Gardens on the edge of Canterbury City centre), and is well signposted and waymarked. It is almost completely traffic-free, generally on good surfaces, and should be suitable for most users. Flooding may be a problem after heavy rain or when river levels are high....


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I think this route is very accessible, it follows part of Route 18 of the National Cycle Network....


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chrisboucher surveyed Chartham

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chrisboucher surveyed Chartham

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Follows much of the Stour Valley Walk from Ashford via Wye, Crundale, Godmersham and Chilham....


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chrisboucher surveyed Chacan one

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Ashford (Kent)—Chartham

Slow Ways added Ashcha one, a new walk from Ashford (Kent) to Chartham

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Slow Ways added Chabar one, a new walk from Chartham to Barham

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Slow Ways added Chacan one, a new walk from Chartham to Canterbury

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Slow Ways added Favcha one, a new walk from Faversham to Chartham

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Chartham, Mon 27 March

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Chartham’s Slow Ways starting point

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Lat / Lon

51.25716° / 1.01835°

Easting / Northing

610,703E / 155,216N


Users have reported that the following facilities can be found within 1km of Chartham's meeting point

Public toilet

Wheelchair accessible toilet

Supermarket or convenience shop

Restaurant, cafe or pub


Accommodation for under £50 a night



Free wifi

Mobility scooter hire

Off-road wheelchair hire

Disabled Parking

Train station

Bus stop


Official ‘Walkers are Welcome’ town

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