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North Yorkshire

Slow Ways linking Cawood and Selby, Sherburn in Elmet, Tadcaster, Wheldrake, York

England / North Yorkshire / Cawood

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Slow Way Route To do
Cawsel one

Review me Distance 10km/6mi Ascent 34m Descent 29m
Cawwhe one Pioneer me Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 78m Descent 64m
Cawyor one Survey me Distance 20km/12mi Ascent 75m Descent 89m
Sherburn in Elmet—Cawood
Shecaw one

Double check Distance 12km/8mi Ascent 27m Descent 15m
Tadcaw one

Double check Distance 13km/8mi Ascent 52m Descent 56m

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55km out of 73km have been walked and reviewed

104km of reviews have been shared in Cawood

Latest Updates

The section from Tadcaster to Ulleskelf is easy to follow along the bank of the Wharfe. Leaving Ulleskelf by the river, it would be easy to follow the well-walked flood bank rather than follow the public footpath, which is shorter and ends at a gate on the road, which was locked....


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This is a well thought out route that is easy to follow using a walking app....


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The right of way between New House Farm and Wistow is not maintained and runs right across a field that is either planted right across with crops leaving no path or is a muddy rutted hellscape, depending on the time of year. Some other sections of the route between New House Farm and Selby are not well maintained and are in a poor state. The route between Wistow and Cawood is a good quality path....

Stephen Down

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Yorkie Christine took this photo on Cawyor one

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These include Cawood swing bridge which dates from 1872, Kelfield village with its Viking boat bench, the delightful village green at Stillingfleet, the York-Selby cycle track (formerly railway line) with its scale-model solar system, Bishopthorpe Palace (home of the Archbishops of York), York racecourse, the former Terry's chocolate factory and York's Millennium Bridge. There is also a path closure in York along Terry Avenue for flood defence works, so (walking north) you'll need to leave the route at the Millennium Bridge and make your way to York railway station along Bishopthorpe Road and Nunnery Lane, a less pleasant if slightly shorter way than staying by the riverside....

Yorkie Christine

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Overall a good route - the footpath going out of Wistow off the road towards Selby goes straight over a field and has not been left marked by the farmer but following the farm track works fine....


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Other parts of the route didn’t seem to exist as accessible public rights of way or were visible but not passable....


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A bit difficult to navigate in some places because of wheat planted over the public right of way leaving quite a narrow path, and quite poor waymarking at other points. However, it is manageable, and it would be difficult to find a substantially better route between Cawood and York....


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Slow Ways added Cawsel one, a new walk from Cawood to Selby

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Slow Ways added Cawwhe one, a new walk from Cawood to Wheldrake

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Slow Ways added Cawyor one, a new walk from Cawood to York

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Sherburn in Elmet—Cawood

Slow Ways added Shecaw one, a new walk from Sherburn in Elmet to Cawood

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Slow Ways added Tadcaw one, a new walk from Tadcaster to Cawood

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Cawood, Thu 21 September



Cawood’s Slow Ways starting point

Grid ref


Lat / Lon

53.83341° / -1.12869°

Easting / Northing

457,441E / 437,811N

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more?

If you’ve polished off all of the routes between Cawood and its neighbours, how about walking its whole web?

This includes the great ring of routes that join its neighbours to each other!


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